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  1. ric23

    WTB: OB Pro+ 30" 3/8x10

    Like the title says, OB Pro+(11.75mm) 30" in 3x8/10. OB stitch rings but not a deal breaker. Paypal ready. Might entertain a Classic+ (12.75mm) if I can't find a Pro soon. Thanks!
  2. ric23

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Well said sir. They both know what they are getting themselves into.
  3. ric23

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    And win...
  4. ric23

    FS/FT Hager cue case

    I have a Hager cue case for sale or trade. I was told it's 300-400 brand new and they are discontinued. Asking SOLD shipped OBO. Willing to trade for a JB case or OB Classic pro shafts or a radial break shaft. Paypal or squarecash...
  5. ric23

    Help, ID this case..

    Thank you. I'm assuming that's brand new. If it is a Hager, didn't he stop making cases already? I didn't know his cases had serial numbers.
  6. ric23

    Help, ID this case..

    Can anybody pleass help ID this case and value please? Thanks in advance.
  7. ric23

    How to Make a Fair Pool Bet between Strangers?

    I agree. Specially on one pocket.
  8. ric23

    Play, sit out or sit out and pay entry fee anyway

    I wish I can win weekly tourneys in a row! LOL But I got no stroke! But to answer your question, IMHO, I would just sit it out. First off, this is a personal feeling of yours. Others, on your level, the ones that usually gets in the finals, might not feel the same as you do and might not agree...
  9. ric23

    WTB OB Classic Pro radial

    ISO OB Classic Pro shaft with radial joint. Not interested in OB Pro +. PM offers. Thanks.
  10. ric23

    Huebler circa early 90s. & Viking 1x1 case

    If 2twoball gets the cue, i'm interested in the viking.
  11. ric23

    Holiday Giveaway from OTRTV - Free Prizes for 3 Winners

    Happy Holidays Well thank you sir!
  12. ric23

    Gambling One Pocket with Tight or Big pockets?

    Well said sir. I agree. Gives you a bit of an edge as well as you're kinda running a short race with the spot.
  13. ric23

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Most probably! lol
  14. ric23

    Is it true Golden Cue in El Monte, CA. is closing?

    From what I read, it's a combination of the owner's health challenges and the owner of the "whole property" sold it as they were just leasing. Yep, it's sad another one had to close its doors, for whatever reason...
  15. ric23

    Is it true Golden Cue in El Monte, CA. is closing?

    Yes sir, it's posted on their fb acct. From what I read, doors will close sometime between Dec and Jan 2017.
  16. ric23

    Request From Long Acquaintance

    Stay strong sir. My mom is a cancer survivor, I know how the family feels.... I believe we got to the goal today...
  17. ric23

    This is why I like teaching people

    greenies to you but of course you're maxed out! Good for you. I hope that inspires you more to teach and be patient with us! Now come and teach me! lol
  18. ric23

    Player: Too Much Pool

    Greenies to you sir but you're, as expected, maxed out! IMHO, you can set little milestones on drills or balls ran. It'll give you a bit of perspective and maybe, maybe, slow you down a bit, to smell the Lilacs as tramp said.
  19. ric23

    Name a billiard game where an amateur has a chance against a pro

    We have a game that's similar to this. We call it poker. Everybody puts money on the pot. Each player gets 7 cards from the deck. ace to king is 1-13; 14 and 15 are jokers. Anybody can shoot the 14 and 15 for position. Every time you pocket a ball, you have to show that you have that card. If...
  20. ric23

    Ebay Warning

    So he saved your pics and used them to post the ad? Good lookin out sir!