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  1. GatzkeCues

    Looking for Xzero CNC

    He is hard to get a hold of sometimes. You might look him up on FaceBook under inmotion cnc or XZero Cnc Routers.
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    Lavender inlay material

    Something like this?
  3. GatzkeCues

    Some REALLY cool stuff for sale....IMO

    I'm interested in the Sherline. Can you tell me what model the controller is? Thanks, Mike.
  4. GatzkeCues

    Coring Butts - Who does it or who doesn't

    Since I have started coring, I have had no issues with warpage, that I am aware of.
  5. GatzkeCues

    Techno isel 3 axis gantry mill +++ PARTS

    pictures Maybe some pictures will grab someone's attention?
  6. GatzkeCues


    DAMN, I live here in Las Cruces and I'm pretty sure there is no way in hell he will fetch that price around here, even if the cue was legit. Lol
  7. GatzkeCues

    3/8-10 pin feeler

    update Hopefully I will be sending out the extended pins this weekend, if I can make it to the post office before I go work a tournament. The final price on them is 8.00 plus shipping. Thanks to everyone that was interested.
  8. GatzkeCues

    Veneers and inlay materials FS

    I'll take it off your hands.
  9. GatzkeCues

    3/8-10 pin feeler

    Update I myself would only need to use a pin like this every once in awhile. I quit using an a joint a few years ago and do not plan on going back. A solid core is my preference for at least 20 reasons, which is more than enough for me. I sent an email to you Eric last night and didn't...
  10. GatzkeCues

    3/8-10 pin feeler

    I am having some made up for myself. I figured I would ask if there was an interest in them, perhaps i would get some extras. So i guess the answer is sort of a yes. EDITED, It is kind of a long story on how I finally got these going and I will try to get the point across as easy as I can. I...
  11. GatzkeCues

    3/8-10 pin feeler

    At the moment, this is a feeler for an extended 3/8-10 pin. The pin has a longer locating barrel for added weight. The first one I weighed came out at about .45 oz heavier. I'm sure some can see pros and cons with the design but like I said, this is just a feeler at the moment. Thanks in...
  12. GatzkeCues

    Moose and Deer Antler butt caps, joints, ferrules

    sizes Will these be solid or pre drilled? Also dimension sizes please 1"x?. Thank you.
  13. GatzkeCues

    How long should a motor last?

    brushes I thought Home Depot and Lowes carried the brushes for Dremel products. I could be wrong.
  14. GatzkeCues

    Power Supply for powerfeed

    I've been using the exact same thing as Eric's for at least 10 years, I bet. Absolutely no problems at all.
  15. GatzkeCues

    Threading parameters

    This is great, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I picked up a machinist tool box with quite a bit of these tools in it recently. Now I know what some of them will be useful for. Extra thanks again.
  16. GatzkeCues

    motor question

    I wouldn't be too concerned about wearing brushes out. They are cheap enough to replace. I have had a brush wear out on a cheaper model motor that is on my sanding, polishing, tune-up lathe. For some reason it was only one brush. I took a chance with new brushes and haven't had another...
  17. GatzkeCues

    motor question

    You are very welcome. As I had said, I didn't want to start a argument and I'm glad we came to a civilized agreement of sorts. Thank you also and thanks to all who contribute to helping each other out on AZBILLIARDS.
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    motor question

    Not to argue but every dc treadmill motor I have used is reversible. Just install a 6 pole double throw reversing switch between the controller and motor.