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  1. Matt_24

    Joss cues

    You really can't. I hit with a new one a few days ago just to test it out and it played fantastic.
  2. Matt_24

    Low Deflection Shaft

    At 7 months into the game I wouldn't worry abut whether it is carbon fiber or wood, nor would I advise you to take some particular stance just. YES, a good player can play with anything. They'll play better with cues they are comfortable and confident with. Also, good players aren't rigid...they...
  3. Matt_24

    20 Year Member

    No, I joined at random.
  4. Matt_24

    20 Year Member

    Wow, I've been a member here for 20 years and a few days. Will I get a pension, like I do from the Air Force? I've really enjoyed it. (Feeling old)
  5. Matt_24

    Tips for players with a 314 shaft

    I like the Predator Tip that came on it.
  6. Matt_24

    To shoot like a pro, look like a pro

    Good advice. When I was a kid and wanted to start getting better I copied, Johnny, Nick, Buddy, and Sigel. I didn't know "why" they did what they did -- but as I progressed I figured it out. Simply put, everyone can't be a pro. There are limits to talent and ability and drive. That's a hard fact...
  7. Matt_24

    Don Mackey Back?

    Yes, I've seen that one a million times. And guess what, popular FACEBOOK videos with lots of views make money! Burning DVDS is now akin to you saying I'm going to put this match on laser disc. I gave away all of my DVDs...everything is on some form of streaming now.
  8. Matt_24

    My Dan DeCola

    It's a tin foil background. o_O
  9. Matt_24

    Adjusting from LD shaft to solid maple shaft.

    Pick a cue, any cue, and stick with it. You might find one odd at first....give it a'll be like a third arm. You just have to put in the time, regardless of the cue but switching all of the time is no good. I have several custom cues, but my player is my 90s Schon with a 314 shaft. If...
  10. Matt_24

    Fusco-Davenport....on now

    Kim was playing with an ITS GEORGE cue and Jimmy was playing with a Schick.
  11. Matt_24

    A professional "Pool Detective" gives "Kid Delicious" *devilishly smart* road hustling advice. Fascinating 10-minute must-read article!

    A lot of the new players can't fathom using a house cue to play "good" pool. Heck, when I was coming up half the players who played good and gambled good used nothing but house cues. It was almost a sense of pride. And they'd bet big, and run out! At one pool room in Nashville you'd find three...
  12. Matt_24

    Are you a Professional...

    Professional Billiards "Player": One who successfully makes their sole living through competing in the game of billiards. Competition would be defined as tournament and/or gambling matches. Professional Billiards Instructor: One who successfully makes their living through the instruction of...
  13. Matt_24

    Should accuracy lines be drawn on pool tables?

    You don't need lines. It's not that hard to ascertain if a rack is proper, or if a cue ball is on, above, or behind the line. I've played for 77 years without lines.
  14. Matt_24

    Shaft Forgiveness

    If you play with a 12.75 314-3 it is actually LESS critical of stroke fundamentals than a standard maple shaft of the same size (speaking from years and years of experience). If you start getting into 11mm shafts in LD or Maple, you should have excellent cue tip delivery.
  15. Matt_24

    Straight or slight bend in front arm?

    Every player is different. Every shot requires something different. You have to play a ton and learn what works for you. What approach gets the results you want. There is no magic bullet that can be given in a written answer. You just have to play a ton of pool and actually focus on what is working.
  16. Matt_24

    Danny Harriman vs. Shane McMinn 12/18/21 Clash at the Colosseum Day 1

    Danny, is that an old McDermott D Model you were playing with? Is that the original shaft? Great performance!
  17. Matt_24

    Efren playing daily in the Philippines

    I've heard he and his wife were very careful with their money, investing it wisely and he still seems to be actively playing and making money in the US and abroad - and now at home it seems. I think in his country he is very wealthy....with still a team of managers keeping him in money making...
  18. Matt_24

    Efren playing daily in the Philippines

    In his prime on tour, his 9 ball break was nothing great....but he ran out nearly every time he had an opening, or played beautiful safeties and kicks. That is why he always finished so high, or won so many big tournaments. He shined under the spotlight. And when his 9 ball break was working, it...
  19. Matt_24

    Any player still use Schon cues?

    My favorite era of Schon cue production is the early EC era. I truly believe that the 90s era of Schon cues was the best, far surpassing the Runde era (which many would say is blasphemy....but that is my opinion). I think the overall quality, taper, and playability was at its peak during that...