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  1. Fat Jonny

    Gay Pride themed cue

    Not a cake. ? /s
  2. Fat Jonny

    Bad Deal with engineman76/William Crosby

    A ****ing neanderthal with the intellect of a goat. ( my apologies to actual, DECENT, goats ) Must have an IQ of 70...maybe even 75. You're ****ed unless you can string this chimp up. Best of luck!
  3. Fat Jonny

    Palmer 1st Cat #11 and 3rd Cat #8 for sale

    Model 11 sold to CL in PA. #8 still available.
  4. Fat Jonny

    Palmer 1st Cat #11 and 3rd Cat #8 for sale

    The #8... In very nice original condition with GTF case. $750 FIRM+shp Lousy pics.
  5. Fat Jonny

    Palmer 1st Cat #11 and 3rd Cat #8 for sale

    Due to back problems I'm no longer able to shoot pool so I'm offering several cues for sale here before ebay or CL. First is a very nice #11 that I had Proficient refinish a few years ago. SOLD ( Craigs Lister in Pennsylvania ) ( not sure if the pics as attachments are working but here goes- For...
  6. Fat Jonny

    <<<SCAMMER ALERT!! Josh Abernathy<<<

    That's a pretty dang good outcome! Fear is a great motivator. I think the guy's still a POS. I know lots of people that would never consider stealing EVEN IF they were desperate. It's a certainty that he would not have done the 'right' thing if he hadn't felt cornered by Joe. Congrats!
  7. Fat Jonny

    FS-Palmer 11

    Refinished by Proficient. 2 shafts. Really nice cue. I can no longer play so someone is going to get a hell of a deal. $1100 and you pay actual shipping.
  8. Fat Jonny

    WTS-Palmer 11

    Still available. TFL Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers. :-)
  9. Fat Jonny

    WTS-Palmer 11

    Real nice old #11. Refinished by Proficient. Butt rolls true-2 old shafts have very tiny roll out. $1300. Email me for any more info. Satisfaction guaranteed-don't like it-send it back for refund minus shipping. [/URL][/IMG]
  10. Fat Jonny

    Paypal payment for over seas?? Guys what are you thoughts?

    If AT ALL possible do NOT use paypal for ANYTHING. Scammers and outright theft occur regularly. And paypal is USELESS in recovering misappropriated funds. Their only concern is you paying for their mistakes. Shameful ethics. If you must use paypal USE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO PAY THEM. I filed a...
  11. Fat Jonny

    HeY Pinoy Friends; How Are You All Doing? Typhoon PI

    YES! The Red Cross take a HUGE amount of money sent to pay their 'non-profit' administrators and other employees. I learned of this after 9/11. I now only give money to aide tragedies such as this to the SA. The Rosicrucians can get do their wallets upon every Global tragedy. Think...
  12. Fat Jonny

    America's Most Wanted segment on Mike Surber

    ? Anything? :confused:
  13. Fat Jonny

    Why is Corey Deuel sucks so bad?

    This post is useless without pics... Gary the Taiwanese Tiger's reaction when told he he was up next.
  14. Fat Jonny

    FS: Coker full-splice w/wrap and 2 shafts

    Nice... Real beauty! And nice price, too! GLWS.
  15. Fat Jonny

    What Do You Hate To See In A Cue?

    I guess it's only apropos that I follow a guy with an avatar of of one of the great bands of the 70's-The Splits. They are right up there with The Stones, Who and others of that time period. GO FLEAGLE! But seriously, after reading JUST THE FIRST two pages of this thread, of what everyone hates...
  16. Fat Jonny

    Trade knives for cues

    "any emersons? i'm a big fan of the cqc-8. a rat survival knife would be nice too" If you like the CQC you should check out a Commander. I prefer the mini. LOVE the opening "wave". Not a fan of the chisel grind, though. Can't have everything. :-)
  17. Fat Jonny

    meucci help on model

    :grin::grin::grin: But in answer to the question-unsure of the model. Somebody will know, though.
  18. Fat Jonny

    Meucci Original Cue For Sale

    PM sent Jonny
  19. Fat Jonny

    Meucci Orignal Road Agent For Sale

    PM sent Jonny
  20. Fat Jonny

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Oops..muwahahaha! ^^^THIS ^^^hahahahah