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  1. Colonel

    new felt advice

    I'd advise 860.
  2. Colonel

    JPNEWT=Karens ATM

    Great post
  3. Colonel

    Pat Diveney Custom Cue w/ Rounceville Blank

    Great looking cue. Love the veneers
  4. Colonel

    Shane Van Boening playing with extension why??

    Monkey see, monkey do doesn't mean monkey has a clue
  5. Colonel

    “New to Me” Barenbrugge just Delivered

    Great wood, amazing ring work, very nicely done.
  6. Colonel

    I wonder why so few members or lurkers visit the WTB section.

    Wasn't laughing at you brother, just empathetic. Numerous people here have tried to help this individual only to fall into the drama of his strange little world. I don't understand why anyone with esteem & confidence issues as this individual has would even consider this sport. He clearly...
  7. Colonel

    The No Handicapping Crowd Cracks Me Up

    Gambling is all about being able to determine the proper handicap. It's not how well you play, it's about how well you match up. Tournaments, meh, not interested. Well other than hanging about looking for a proper opportunity to gamble.
  8. Colonel

    where do you get a real g2 tip ???

    Then you haven't lived my friend, good stuff
  9. Colonel

    The Snap Magazine

    Interested in the final issue. You've been Pm'ed.
  10. Colonel

    Earl Strickland Did This.....

    You have exceptional hand to eye coordination sir. Bravo
  11. Colonel

    how do you carry you cues on a motorcycle ?

  12. Colonel

    Pool halls with multiple diamond tables?

    Aren't those red label tables there?
  13. Colonel

    JPNEWT=Karens ATM

    Tap, tap, tap. Well said.
  14. Colonel

    The "Lee Brett Snooker Drill Challenge" for Pool Practice

    You've got skills, congrats. Keep working.
  15. Colonel

    I Used to Use a System But Now....

    Well you are one of the 1st instructors I've heard lend any credence to those that use visualization, I tip my hat to you for that. As far as your method, if it works for people & lets them be better at the game then what's not to like. Pool needs people that have the gift of being able to...
  16. Colonel

    I Used to Use a System But Now....

    You guys aim? What a novel thought.
  17. Colonel

    Break cues, bah humbug

    I use a break/ jump from Mike Gullyassy. Just over 17 ounces which is an ounce lighter than my player. The cue is 57" which is 3" shorter than my player. The shorter length & lighter weight compared to my player works for me in a break cue. Wouldn't want to play with a cue that short nor break...
  18. Colonel

    What Game Are U.S Players Best At?

    On the other hand when it comes to a snide insult towards Americans you tend to run your mouth at every opportunity. If we're such a burden to endure perhaps you can find a nice German based billiards forum to frequent sans the ugly Americans. Oh that's right, there isn't one. Put a sock in it.
  19. Colonel

    Jason "Buffalo" Hunt - Facebook gold

    I saw him a couple of months back traveling with a Cougar. He was losing & she was paying. Sounds like that's all over.
  20. Colonel

    cuetec reveiw