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  1. dafish1970

    TUCKER cue

    I’ve been to his house and got to hit a few of cues and play a few games...and he made me a butterfly BEM handle cue.... that I foolishly sold.....he’s a great guy and a hell of a cue maker
  2. dafish1970

    Barnhart Waterfall Birds Eys Handle

    Details? Price?
  3. dafish1970

    Wrapless Purple Heart Cognosenti Cue

    Love it....
  4. dafish1970


    Great Looking cue, been to joes shop a few times. If I played better or more often I would jump all over This!!!
  5. dafish1970

    Sold *** For Sale - Ariel Carmeli Cue - Cocobolo/Curly Maple ***

    What pin? Got a pic of it? Thx
  6. dafish1970

    Strangest thing you ever bet on in a pool room

    I've bet on...$100 coin flips (lock up $1000) who would use the bathroom next (man or woman since there was more men in room at the time I laid odds,)who could drive the ball farthest in golden tee, arm wrestling, cut a deck of cards, red/black or high card (pay double on joker)....and a few...
  7. dafish1970

    Cognoscenti Bocote Sneaky Conversion

    773 area code...your close to me...I’m in Mokena. Been to Joey’s old was when he did his first run of 15 BEM cues...I tried for about 1/2 hr for him to make me a plane one with no inlays...didn’t the hell did you talk him into a SP ????
  8. dafish1970

    Who's the most intimidating player you've ever seen?

    I got lucky enough to play a 9 ball game with Buddy Hall at planet 9-ball in Tampa.back in 2001-2..well...really what happened is he broke,didn't make anything...I ran 2 balls...then watched him run out that rack and 3
  9. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!??

    Sounds like what he did to me....crazy bastard
  10. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!??

    I posted the link to her website....scroll <------her website is...
  11. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!??

    I've dealt with Roy and Bryan.... Roy=total crazy, douche (never again) Bryan= class act (want to buy) That's just my personal dealings
  12. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!?? OFF....she's mine LMAO
  13. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!??

    I'll go 150! Lol...cues look awesome to me....been wanting one of them for a long time.and now that he's not taking new orders...I'm bummed
  14. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!??

    I've had a few "dealings" with Roy over the years....but this is a all time low......trashing a cue maker on his website.... I'm not sure what he's taking about.....this looks damn good to me.....
  15. dafish1970

    Wanted mariposa

    Title say it all....played with a 4 flame once..great looking cues.tried to get Kyle to make me one (I'm in Chicago) but he's all over the place with making cues.....wrap-less only....thx PM ME!!
  16. dafish1970

    F/S Chris Nitti sneaky Pete

    Huh?.......NO CUE.....NO CUE.....DO MOT SEND $$$ my paypal account was hacked years ago..this is a old post....CHECK THE DATE.....OLD POST.....NO CUE.....BESIDES IT SAYS IT WAS SOLD.....NO CUE...DO NOT SEND ANY $$$$
  17. dafish1970

    Southwest cue price

    I just got in touch with the owner.....I will be getting a copy (or pic) the original invoice from sw and pix of the cue.....I will post them or email to anyone who is me your info.... It will not be cheap...over 4k....if you can't pay that...please don't contact me... Thank you
  18. dafish1970

    Southwest cue price

    Sorry.....I got delayed in getting back on here....I'll find out the info on the cue and get back to the people that have pm'd me....thx I know the cue is brand new.....never played....6 pointer I'll get more info and the original invoice and get pics up
  19. dafish1970

    Southwest cue price buddy has a brand new never hit southwest 6 pointer...I think it's a 2010 or 11...not sure what woods...I'll find out and get pix....what's the current market? 3-4k? I've been out of pool for awhile and not sure sure of current prices...any help would be appreciated....I know the cue...