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    Question for table saw lathe machine users

    That's the same blade configuration I've used for 25 years. The problem with a table saw machine, IMO, is that you cannot control the speed of the blade, at least I can't with a standard table saw. But, with that said it roughs tapers shafts quickly and frees up my CNC for final cuts.

    Square round hole

    Can I Just buy the hole???? Willing to pay the postage.

    Square cored cues?

    Can I just buy the hole?????????????????:cool:


    CA for shafts and butts

    When to fit the pin?

    pin install I install my pins early on around when the joint is .900 and then I turn everything around the pin mounted on centers. I have been doing it that way since my second build in about 1997. Never seen any reason to change and can't see any shortcomings but several benefits. If i'm...

    Kevin Varney finish question

    Ca FYI. I've been using CA as an undercoat (BSI) for at least 20 years. Thin coats and sanded between coats. I use a small fan to blow the fumes away. Never had a problem health or technically wise. Thin,thin coats is the secret. With all that said, extra precautions should be thought...

    Another glue Q + OD threads

    CA glue and threading CA is probably OK for what you are doing seeing that the joint pieces are probably sandwiched between parts that are epoxied . I thread all my cues and this is my technique. Cut the tenon, including a relief chamfer on both ends at 45 degrees, to size then coat with thin...

    Cue Makers - Who Determines The Playability Of Your Cues

    Playability The short answer is the "player". Iv'e made quite a few cues in the last 25 years and have been shooting pool for about 70 years (I'm 82) and I would venture to guess that if I took the best stick I ever made and played Earl, who used a broom stick, he would beat me hands down...

    Ebony finish question

    "Do you have a verifiable citation for this"? Not sure what you mean by this remark. However, here is a link to the matter. Whether it is verifiable or not to your satisfaction is your problem.
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    Ebony finish question

    Ebony--Gaboon One of the recent problems with Gaboon Ebony is that Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars has a virtual monopoly on it. He has contracted with the government to purchase ALL cut ebony without the logs being split open to see how dense a blackness it was. Used to be they would fell a...
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    A-joint problems

    A joint troubles First suggestion just use a full length core and ALL your a joint problems go away. Next: Install your pin first and then turn your butt around the pin using the pin as a center to insure perfect concentricity. Make sure all your joints and rings are dead square using SHARP...
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    Break Tip

    Break tips I use Samsara JB and have never had a problem or a complaint
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    Centennial pool table for sale nine footer

    Frank dabarber Frank is a legend around here and has tutored many a pool player. Don't play 8 ball with him unless you have money to lose. Covina California
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    Shaft insert replacement?

    Removing insert Use a pin and a socket with a nut to make a jack.
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    Oil finish

    oil finish Birchwood casey gun stock oil. Search gun stock oil and you'll find all kinds of info.
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    The Finishing Conundrum

    Finish Thanks for the compliment JC--much appreciated. Yes, I am 81 now and, as far as I know, pretty healthy and use the treadmill and walk my dog several times a day. I still make cues, about 12 per year, and still use the GUNSTOCK OIL finish I first used on guitars and then read that...
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    Cue shipping sleeves...??

    shipping sleeves Prather has them
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    Ebony break cue shaft

    Ph From Mario Purple heart is heavier than Maple and stiffer. I think you will be happy using it for a break shaft. I've made many and users seem to be always happy.
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    Need some Cue Repair Inland Empire CA

    Repairs Try Kent Davis in San Dimas (KD Cues).
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    Coring on my metal lathe