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  1. Sport666

    CF Sanding Screwup

    looks great
  2. Sport666

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family Todd.
  3. Sport666


    its peanut butter mix with caramel fluffy nuggets.
  4. Sport666

    No lathe tip job.

    Joe thats the new bullet ferrule
  5. Sport666


    Its that time of year, Doodles. Thanks Atlas. Happy Holidays too all.
  6. Sport666

    Madrone Burl? Please help ID

    Yes thats Madrone burl. I used it before and realy enjoyed working with it.
  7. Sport666

    Question about Cue lathe bed height?

    I have my tool boxes jacked up on two blocks per box. Total height of 45" then my mid american on top. Im 6ft tall. Works great for me.
  8. Sport666

    joint repair

    PM Sent.............Thanks
  9. Sport666

    WTB Bit & Tap

    pm sent........quotes are sent privet only.
  10. Sport666

    Apus 3 tips

    What mm are they. If 14 I would take them. Thanks Frank
  11. Sport666

    SALE ON SIB Layered Cue Tips.

    Pm Sent ................................
  12. Sport666

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year Todd
  13. Sport666

    Removing shaft collar

    I 2nd that method.
  14. Sport666

    Jim Sickles Maple Burl Cue Video

    Nice job Jim
  15. Sport666

    Best Glue?

    Wow great price
  16. Sport666

    Southwest Cue 2017

    Congrats Charlie. Enjoy
  17. Sport666

    Is this TS Lacewood

    Yes that is lacewood.
  18. Sport666

    cue shop equipment for sale

    Wow I missed that. Thanks Chris.