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    Pool in Santa Rosa CA. Los Amigos?

    Heading to CA for a few days next week. Wondering if anyone has reviews of pool in the area? Thanks.
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    Pool hall in Santa Rosa. Los Amigos.

    I'm heading to Santa Rosa for a few days next week and was wondering if anyone can give me reviews on Los Amigos. Only thing close that I see on Google Maps. Thanks,
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    Cement floor covering help

    I just recently moved and I'm setting up my pool room in my pole barn. I'm looking for a good, inexpensive way to protect the occasional ball coming off the table and bouncing on the cement. It's a pole barn so I'm not looking to get fancy since it will still function as my large garage. Just...
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    Frost vs Pagulayan UPDATES

    They rolling again?
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    Simple Shots

    Wow! 17 posts and counting and your first response to someone who tries to help is swearing at them. Huh....
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    Identify this cue please

    The box isn't centered between the rings either. I'm going to guess cheapie.
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    Hooks for hanging light?

    What Michael4 said. Toggle bolts in 4 spots can hold plenty of weight.
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    Breathing techniques?

    I personally breath and pay attention in pressure situations to keeping a calm breathing action. Keeps heart rate steady. But when I actually shoot I'm not breathing, I hold my breath when pulling the trigger. Works for me but everyone has their "thing"
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    2015 Canadian Pool Championships - Live Stream

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    Thoughts on black felt for this table

    I personally would never go with black felt. The tournament blue is easy on the eyes for long duration play. I think black will be hard on the eyes. JMO
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    More Pool Wars

    Pm sent Jay.
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    Gold Crown IV question/wood type

    I'll check it out! Just having a tough time picturing stained side skirts and black rails. But I'll see what wood is there first.
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    Gold Crown IV question/wood type

    Thanks RKC. I was wondering if it would have been worth stripping the wood of paint and finishing it with nice stain....but poplar....I'll strip and repaint. Thanks again!!
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    12x22 room for 8foot?

    Take a post or 2 out and support with beams. You may lose 12" of head room but usually you'll still have 7' clearance where the beam is. My duct work hung down 10" all on its own so losing another 2" and gaining 13' of width made a 9 footer easy. My room turned out 28x23
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    Gold Crown IV question/wood type

    I have an all black Gold Crown and I'm trying to figure out what species of wood is under the paint of the side skirt? Thanks,
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    Gold Crown IV question

    Figure someone will know this answer pretty quick. My question is, what type of wood is under the black paint of the side skirts and legs? My table is all black and just wondered. Thanks!
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    Banks Finals started yet? Updates?

    Come on Efren!!!:thumbup:
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    What hours of the day does the tournament run? Just trying to figure out with my work schedule if it makes sense to buy.