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    In case you missed it, real names or known identity preferred now

    Oh the irony, AZBilliards and AZHousepro are concerned about fake names? It's their house and they have the right, for anyone who wants to know who owns a website, go to WHOIS.COM and type in the site name. In my humble opinion, only those who repair cues for a living should answer most...
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    Artificial Intelligence produces *self-teaching* soccer-playing robots. Pool-playing ones not far off IMO

    In reality, AI is Artificial Ignorance, after all, it's only as smart as those who programmed it.
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    One piece Titlist

    Diameter at the joint area means alot. If they are thick enough, they are easy to convert. When they are thin, they require more time and material. I will buy all of them or as many as you would like to sell if you end up getting them.
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    The making of a carbon fiber shaft.

    Yes, absolutely. I do just that but I am not accepting orders for them at this time, too much fun. It's far from the way you have described it but it's all good, more and more people are doing as I am.
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    $500 for a tip? Come on, get real.

  6. CuesDirectly

    $500 for a tip? Come on, get real.

    Before you get me kicked out, ask yourself, what day is today? Come on fool, you can do it.
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    $500 for a tip? Come on, get real.

    What part do you not understand? $500 for a tip is too much, don't you think free shipping should be included?
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    $500 for a tip? Come on, get real.

    Just layed out a full size plate of the Green stuff, it's just about done. Amazing how large one serving of Spinach is but it makes a great breakfast.
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    $500 for a tip? Come on, get real.

    Don't forget shipping.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    That would scare the s h i t out of anyone.
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    Cue length question...............

    I start with wood and make them, more fun than a game of 9 ball. I also make them in Carbon Fiber. I do not buy hollow tubes from others, only raw materials from a fantastic supplier here the USA, too much fun. I have had cues in all 50 States since 2015. I also have them in 14 other...
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    Cue length question...............

    99% of cues I sell are 60". Not one time has one been returned because it was too long, once you go 60", you don't go back. Sorry Gar but I am not going to measure your inseam and tell you what size cue you need, the new harriman school may be real happy to measure it for you bwaa haa haa.
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    SVB Bank

    Oprah had millions in that bank, should Pool players bail her out or can we all agree, HELL NO.
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    whitch foam to fill carbon fiber shaft

    My Carbon Fiber Butts and Shafts needs no filler, they are not hollow. They are perfectly straight and American made by myself. Choose the trim you like with either the Carbon Fiber look or in Black. Butt sections and Shafts make great combinations, what a hit. Choose your weight and length...
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    SVB Bank

    Shane can shoot pool, therefore he has a future. Stock holders? Remember to always go the opposite direction of Jim Cramer.
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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    $5,000 in money with the same serial number?
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    Best epoxy for assembly

    Good grief, Joey offers many positive comments. Grow up or leave.
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    What is this on my cue?

    It may be the glue that was used when it was made. The cue was cored and expanding glue was used. If Epoxy was used, it would have dried. Glues need air to dry, once the cue was put together, it had no air and good chance it never dried. Since it's an expanding glue, it's now doing just...
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    Where's Cocobolo Cowboy?

    Don't call me a country music fan, please, I am only going to post this to help find your Cowboy. If this does not bring him back, nothing will. I grew up a-dreamin' of bein' a cowboy And lovin' the cowboy ways Pursuin' the life of my high-ridin' heroes I burned up my childhood days I learned...
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    Double Silver Rings

    Extra rings cost more, they add more time to the job and they look great to many people. What a pleasure it is when I add them. Sent one out last month with the triple ring pattern, his Friend contacted me and ordered another one with triple rings. Rings rock, good day.