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  1. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Buddy is in the Hospital

    glad to hear he is out.... reading this and thinking a trip there was needed. let us know how its going thanks!
  2. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    2010 Us Open Journey

    boom! playing good and been practicing well punch...ready again for someone with a pulse within reason
  3. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Annual National Amateur Championships

    ill take that 6 :)
  4. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    January 11,12 & 13th River City Open 9 Ball Decatur,Al

    Saddle up! I'm gonna be there...
  5. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Ok Im buying a break and jump or bk/jump, and other stuff. Advice needed.

    If you want a break/jump that you can also use as a great playing cue, look for cues that disappear as soon as they are listed... such as a (Mace) by rick howard
  6. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Best moment of the 2013 Mosconi Cup?

    I believe he be talking about that crack beside the table...i seen that during the match live! haha
  7. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Sky Sports...This is How you Promote Pool

    I watched it yesterday morning on the internet..i thought it was awesome!:thumbup:
  8. 2_Fast_4_Fleas


    Played bad on stream like usual...but I still took second down ;) the 12 hour drive was freggin least my girl kept me entertained :grin:
  9. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    proposition shot I like to see

    Getting I back to that rail isn't as hard as making it hit that rail and draw back to the middle diamond above the side pocket...I can do that about 7 out of 10, just jack up and fire it in:embarrassed2:
  10. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Any taller player here? need stance help

    Put your feet further apart
  11. 2_Fast_4_Fleas


    Correct Scott, 1-2000 would be a lot for driving. I calculated driving expenses to be close to 200. The tourney is Nov 8th-10th. It will take 13 hrs to drive there. If I had the funds of my own to fly i would do that as a first choice considering i wouldnt have to leave a extra day early from...
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    Entry & Hotel is paid for. Travel and food is the only expenses left. I will let others speak about my ability (Game) Commitment can be found in the thread: 2010 Us Open Journey :D:thumbup:
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    Thanks KK& Balto! The US Amateur Championship is not a cash tournament, the winner will receive a entry fee in the 2014 US Open 9 Ball championships. The travel expenses are about it, I already won regional event, now to the big enchalada
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    Anyone here know how someone can get Sponsorship for tournament expenses? I'm playing in the US Am's in November :p
  15. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Latest edition of the Scooter and Tedder show....

    Oh, I forgot...if they get work release, does that mean that they will have legitimately had a job? :thumbup:
  16. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Latest edition of the Scooter and Tedder show....

    I'm wondering if they have change for a dollar?
  17. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Anyone live in Dunlap Tn?

    I Have a friend that lives there and needs a job??????
  18. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Handicapping individual sets

    Lets say its a race to 7...i win first set 7-5 my opponent gets 2 games on the wire next set, i win the coin toss and run the set out. he gets 6 games on the wire? then breaks and runs 1 rack and beats me 7-0 so i get 6 on the wire the next set?
  19. 2_Fast_4_Fleas

    Tennessee 9-Ball Open March 8th, 9th, & 10th

    Nice! I'll be there to play in the Friday mini then, won't be able to make the other