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    Great tournament in Belgium, Ladies 3 cushion. Carom Cafe has the biggest names in NY this summer!
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    Women's World Championship from Japan Nov 21-23

    please be aware that the fanclub of Therese also is traveling to Japan We try to update and inform everybody on our site
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    WC Ladies 3 cushion Tokyo, but no USA players?

    Hi All Just wondering, is it correct that there aren't any USA ladies participating at the WC ladies 3 cushion in Tokyo? ---- Edit---- After the 2nd playerslist we welcome E. Park from the USA!
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    RESULTS: Womens International Open

    This is the way, we see the final game between Therese and Bora. Thank you for your live stream, your great tournament and you're nice support on the chat.
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    3-Cushion - World Cup - Trabzon (TUR)

    Hi Fox, Your not right, except for the top players everybody has to pay for thereselve. This is also the reason that everbody wants to be in the top 12 at the rankinglist. The dutch federation doen't pay for any players.
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    Vegas world to buy these tables...

    I suggest you just contact Gabriels or Verhoeven. Maybe you're more helped by Verhoeven because they are at this point targetting at the USA for more marketing... ( What i've heard... anyway )
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    Klompenhouwer v. Carlsen

    LOL!! i assume only the name freaks you out? Klompen means woodenshoe houwer means keeper / maker
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    Want to play horse?

    Well... For me i'm coming... Maybe we get some other people also over there! We are trying, but for us it's not so cheap to come to the states.... But it's also in Las Vegas.... And we like to gamble!!!
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    Want to play horse?

    Hi Steve, Therese is at the moment in Egypt for the worldcup in Hurghada. She's coming back this weekend. Greetings!
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    Brandenburg Cues

    doesn't ring a bell.... sorry. I don't think this cues are coming from germany.. but that's just a feeling. ( for example the website is only in English... I quickly looked around in the Dutch online shops, but it seems nobody has this cue for sale)
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    3-cushion in Vegas

    We've never seen that the date change once they are published on the UMB, so.... it would be the first time.... No worries!! Nice to see that the world Cup is in the USA, great promotion for 3 cushion!
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    Therese vs. Mercedes

    Just gave you some extra promotion at: Good luck with this proposal!! Hope to see it work
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    Mister 100 book by Raymond Ceulemans I think you can find it here.... grtz
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    Mister 100 I think you can find it here...
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    What did I just buy?

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
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    Therese Klompenhouwer first USBA director delegate

    hi Bob, It's not that i don't understand what you're saying, but what do you want to get out off this? And do you find this forum the best option to do this?
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    Adam snooker cue?

    Hi All. Maybe you can get some information from : I know they are in Holland but maybe they can give you the information where you can find this in the USA. Good Luck!
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    Therese Klompenhouwer first USBA director delegate

    Hi Bob, My message was complementary to Steve I wasn't sure if he had all te information. By posting my message everybody is up to date!
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    Therese Klompenhouwer first USBA director delegate

    The site above is the site of the fanclub of Therese. Therese also has her own site : Her you can also see her own cue line witch is for sale!
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    2 US players will play at the UMB World Championships

    for the official website of this tournament :