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  1. robertod

    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    A 17 year wait for anything, even a new heart is absolutely ridiculous. Even if this cue will make you a better player, won't you try to find something else that could help your game sooner than 17 years. Anyone one of us could be dead in the next 17 years, no matter what age you are now.
  2. robertod

    Cloth color

    My understanding ( and I realize I may have it totally wrong) A traditional set of pool balls was given to a lab that worked on colors and visibility and they came up with the Tournament Blue color. They did not pick this color based on what looks good. They felt this color was the best...
  3. robertod

    Another one of those posts that make you cringe but here goes: idea for game variation

    So in 14.1, I am about to break open the rack on a break shot and I have to call my next shot???? Seems to be tough call. Or do you eliminate the rule on opening break shots?
  4. robertod

    Sold Hsunami Shaft (Flawless)

    Richard Su offers both 3/8 x 10 regular and 3/8 x 10 modified. Which one is on this shaft?
  5. robertod

    Chalk Mfg (miscue) vs Golf Ball Mfg

    You think a black chalk cover is bad, some idiot thinks making the stripe pool balls black
  6. robertod

    20 dollar chalk?? What’s the world coming to?

    This is also what i experience at home with my table. No dust chalk anywhere to be found. the balls stay cleaner , the cue stays cleaner and my hands are cleaner. BUT, I have to ask. Where does the material (that the Taom chalk is made of) go? I'm think the paste like material is building up on...
  7. robertod

    How many Cues do you own today

    A Scruggs and a Sugartree., and R Howard break cue.
  8. robertod

    So Mezz has a new joint pin

    Maybe a stupid question. If one is considering an Ignite shaft, there should be no difference between the Wavy/1 or the Wavy/2 pin because the CF shaft is not wood. Right? Asking for a friend.;)
  9. robertod

    Cue Chalking Crutch

    I realize everyone has habits or routines. But some of them are just plain bad for the game. No doubt many players chalk excessively and incorrectly. Just look at the snooker players. Never more than a couple of swipes ( not drilling) holding the cue away from the table (keeping chalk off the...
  10. robertod

    Watching professional pool, do you prefer winner break or alternate break?

    Yea pool is different, and maybe it should not be different. Name one sport that does not gives alternating chances of scoring. If a player runs out a set. is he really the better player if his oponent never gets a chance to play? I understand the history of pool. But like all other things ...
  11. robertod

    Dymondwood, your thoughts about the product.

    I have dymondwood rails on my Diamond table for 10 years. No problems whatsoever. In fact my table originally had solid cherry rails and they started to shows cracks along every diamond spot and Diamond replaced the rails with dymondwood and I could not be more pleased
  12. robertod

    I don't mean to brag but...

    Then you are not giving up enough of a spot.o_O
  13. robertod


    I loved the fact that I could stop anytime and continue whenever I was able to. Not tied to the actual event time. Watched when I wanted to watch it and that is very good to me. Also quality of the stream was better than most streams I paid for. Also loved the fact that they made cancelation...
  14. robertod

    Earl warming up

    Listening to his commentary on Billiard Network Youtube channel is like getting free lessons on how to play the game. His knowledge of the game is almost unmatched, IMO
  15. robertod

    Top 5 Pool Accessories!! You won’t believe No.1!!

    This is a joke right?
  16. robertod

    Assorted Pool Accessories

  17. robertod

    30" Ignite shaft for 3/8×10

    I was told that a stock 3/8 x 10 Mezz ignite shaft will not fit a modified 3/8 x 10 pin. Do I have it wrong? Was this shaft a special order to fit both? types ?
  18. robertod

    Mosconi Cup Day 4 (Final Day)

    Shaw misses a bank and Woodward runs out. up 3-2
  19. robertod

    Gray Cloth at the Mosconi Cup

    Do not like the cloth color. Remember tournament blue wasn't a color picked out of a hat. Does it bother anyone else but me that the cue ball against that gray looks funky? Also, does anyone know which SImonis cloth it is? 860 860HR, 760?
  20. robertod

    Gray Cloth at the Mosconi Cup

    Put me down for absolutely hating the black edged balls. Wasn't the 8 ball made black because black was the hardest edge to see? And this theory is played out in 1 pocket games I see. When a player has to spot a ball ( after a foul) I see players always spotting the 8 ball if it is one of...