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    Wtb cheap cue for brother

    I have an action 1x1 in good shape pm me the address its free to go with the cue
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    Stances for 6 feet and taller people.

    I'm 6'3 and I tend to stand square to the table, probably not a good habit but it happens from time to time
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    Bad Deal with daniels

    So you're out 80 plus the 20 plus the 200 for the case? That's not right, you're one of the good ones hope it works for you bud
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    Who's job is it to call a shark move?

    I thought unscrewing was a forfeit?
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    Red Shoes rehab

    You're really dating yourself there Dan! Lol I'm trying to help bring the game back. I think halls should have a dress code of sorts, I see sportsmanship dwindling and seems more people want to hustle a weaker player than help. Hell I'd pay for the table time for a few hours even if I lose every...
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    Ltb: Scruggs cue or a nice custom cue

    It's not a Scruggs but its nice and in your budget
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    foriegn made cues

    Absolutely, with most anything production you'll have a worker get complacent and mistakes happen. Right now in the for sale there's an 8 pt purpleheart and ebony jd cue. Looks real good, inexpensive. Thought about giving it a shot . A lot of made in America is a pride thing but don't worry jb I...
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    Cue and case

    Jim Baxter, 5280 2x4 case
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    foriegn made cues

    Yeah my punctuation didnt help that any. I was saying that possibly they could be better and if they are it's probably process not material.
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    Red Shoes rehab

    It is 11am, every time I go I try and get there at 11 they're happy to see people and are real friendly. It's been a couple weeks ill have to stop in!
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    foriegn made cues

    I think the main difference isn't the materials but maybe the attention to detail in production cue. I think pechauer makes the best production cue, better than a foreign made one, possibly but if so it's because of the process and care not material
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    I was thinking it was kind off an odd move especially in the 14.1 thread but he knows Dennis so it's ok:thumbup:
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    Cue and case

    Fancy sneaky and 2x4 instroke style case. Case is white and black leather, cue will ship in a 1x1 action case so really two cases and a cue for 600$ Obo. Pm for pics as I'm not by the goods at the moment. Can also email
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    Andrew Cleary Az U.S Open

    Lol did he get his outfits from Ricky Fowlers closet? Nice!
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    I have family in co springs, unfortunately I'm in Indiana lol. Guy out here has one for sale for 250$ thinking I might get a table mechanic to look at it with me
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    It's been 2 weeks since my accident and I'm on the mend. My girl is being nice to me and said I can get a table! A used one, very used but still. The room I have is 14x22 so I'm thinking 8' to be safe kids gotta have their space too. Looking at a Bristol II by brunswick, any ideas. Mind you the...
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    Have you ever fallen into a slump?

    If I don't feel I'm playing my best, which is always, I go back to the basics try and get a good stroke and try not to force myself out of the "slump"
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    FS: Kamui Starter Kit 4 tips, Gator Grip, Cube of .98 all for $100 shipped

    100$ is more than fair for all that lol. Gotta pay pfd tomorrow so no more $ for awhile just trade bait right now
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    FS: Kamui Starter Kit 4 tips, Gator Grip, Cube of .98 all for $100 shipped

    Nice package and an awesome deal! Glws. If I had the funds lol
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    38 Ball run (

    As a new 14.1 player myself, (4-5months) I've learned that trying to "steer" the cue ball where you want it causes misses like that which is essentiall what Dave said but ya know I figured I'd chime in too:wink: my high run is only 16