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    Neat Hustler Pic

    I caught that while watching the movie. Made me chuckle.
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    Front end mass, taper Questions!

    I agree with all the prior posts, and the links will help you a lot. Bottom line: Every cue creates some amount of squirt. Find the natural pivot point on your cue (longer on LD shafts, shorter on traditional shafts), mark it, and get comfortable using it. Ink marks wear off. I embedded a...
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    You know you're addicted to pool when....

    You enjoy WATCHING one-pocket. (Sorry if that's a repeat.)
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    Lets get honest about Meuccis

    Power Piston: The forearm is a smaller wooden dowel inside of an outer plastic sleeve. I own two. I have had no problems, but I cannot say whether they add any power (or absorb less power) or not. As an engineer, I say probably not.
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    Euro Finger Wrap Pool Cueing Glove

    I have no review, but why would this be better - or better-looking - than a regular glove?
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    Celebrities from the past and present that are/were big fans of pool / billiards?

    Jack Albertson, Paul Newman, Elvis? (Owned a table), Bob Hope, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Antoinette.
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    What are the times? I might drop in. Is there a spectator fee?
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    CJ's Suggestions

    I respect Mr. Wiley's talents. I enjoy reading his posts, even when I don't fully understand what he is trying to say. Thread titles perpetually posed as "questions" get tiring, but that is a small complaint.
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    Mathematical 8 ball rack

    Starting now, I will spend extra time to make sure all of my racks conform to this set up. (I'll probably be beaten to death within the week.)
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    Marking a shaft

    Even if the pivot point changes an inch either way, the original mark will still be a useful reference.
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    Marking a shaft

    It is inexpensive, easy and handy. That's good. It will wear off in time. Not great, but not a big deal.
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    Marking a shaft

    I like this idea as well. I may try this next time.
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    Marking a shaft

    I routinely mark my shafts when I find the natural pivot point. I have used ink and paint, but the ink and paint eventually wear off. Most recently, I have set a small rhinestone into the wood. It non-obvious, but easy to see if you know where to look.
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    Absurdity of pool.

    good observation. Goes for golf, too.
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    Something "New" for the cue world

    Say it three times fast...
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    World 8 Ball... Ball Question?

    I believe you, but why, oh why? So 8-ball can be played on snooker tables? These balls won't work on tables designed for 2 1/4" balls. The rails are too high for proper banking.
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    What kind of table do you own?

    Valley 8-ft Black Cat coin-operated bar box, with the ball trap disabled. During the last recover, I deepened the throats on the pockets and I tightened the pockets with extended ridgeback rails. I also added sound insulation to the box.
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    Shooting Line of Sight

    I'm not sure how to interpret your poll question, so I did not vote there. I line up the shot on center of CB to center of Ghost Ball. If I need English, I bridge on the natural pivot point and use back hand English pivoting on the bridge.
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    Low deflection / Low squirt shaft comparison

    Without a robot doing the testing on lots of samples, I won't trust any of the subjective ratings very much. Even the "same" cue by the same maker will have a range of variation. Some standard deviations will be larger than others.
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    Anybody hate One Pocket?

    I love to play 1p and to watch pros play 1p. I'm no good at it, but I like it. I am getting good at leaving the cue in the "armpit" when necesssary.