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  1. CGM

    Pool as it should be

    Unbelievable that no one has chimed in on their "improper" billiard attire.
  2. CGM

    Side bets in APA

    I know the rules to 9 ball. It's very presumptuous of you to assume that all APA players are ignorant or bad players. If you truly believe that the APA does nothing for pool you are very misinformed. It provides an avenue for millions of people to play competitively against people of similar...
  3. CGM

    Side bets in APA

    For the life of me I can't understand why people insist on being negative toward something that has absolutely no affect on them whatsoever. For millions of people APA is a fun way to escape and get together with friends and family and bang some balls around. It never claims to be great pool...
  4. CGM

    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    Anything more expensive than Master chalk and Schon cues.
  5. CGM

    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    Lots of hype over Schon cues and I just don't get it. Extremely overpriced in my view.
  6. CGM

    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    Schon cue. Most overpriced billiard tool I've ever bought.
  7. CGM

    Konllen vs Predator

    Lil' Chris has a review on YouTube of a J. Flowers cue with the carbon fiber shaft. He spoke highly of it but said he prefers his 12.9 Revo.
  8. CGM

    [UPDATED] APA complaint advice - My new-to-pool player went to a 7 in 7 matches (?!?!)

    Someone that had stroke with the LO had to have complained about his skill level not being high enough. Unless someone marked a defense for every miss, there is no justification for someone with high inning matches moving up that high. The sad reality is that it is very difficult to move down...
  9. CGM

    All is lost

    How dare they dress so casual while playing billiards. They are giving pool a bad name dressing so slovenly.:rolleyes:
  10. CGM

    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    You just explained my game to a tee. I can run out every table when I'm watching someone else play. When I'm at the table, not so much.
  11. CGM

    Schmelke Jump Cue

    I am in the market for my first dedicated jump cue and being that I have had excellent luck in the past with Schmelke, I am naturally interested in trying one of theirs. Anyone have any experience with a Schmelke dedicated jump cue. I am not interested in a J/B.
  12. CGM

    Three player games that can be handicapped

    How about have the best player play off-handed. They get practice shooting with their dumb hand and the weaker players are evened out a little.
  13. CGM

    Buy a "small" table?

    Buy the Valley. If you get to a point where your game has improved enough to warrant an upgrade to the Diamond you can always sell the Valley for what you paid for it. Assuming you take care of it of course. Valley tables hold their value pretty well if you buy it used. You are going to be...
  14. CGM

    Nice out ,bar table . Kuya Nick Tinik

    30 seconds in.......Earl Strickland has left the stream.
  15. CGM

    APA League MVP

    You get another patch.
  16. CGM

    Olhausen video?

    There is no discounting that the Olhausen's definitely have a pocket rattle, I believe it has been overly criticized on this forum. Your table will play fine and provide you with years of enjoyment. I believe that most people on here are just drama queens about the "pocket rattle" and frankly...
  17. CGM

    Machinist Level

    Man I'm so glad you posted this. I was about to pull the trigger on one of these but wasn't sure. Thanks for the input.
  18. CGM

    Machinist Level

    LMAO, I was just about to post that this escalated very quickly based on my original question. Thanks for the education though fellas. It never ceases to amaze me the different topics that people on AZB can so vehemently debate. LOL.
  19. CGM

    GC4 Ball Return System

    10-4, a fellow member will be contacting you shortly about purchasing your tracks. Thanks.
  20. CGM

    GC4 Ball Return System

    Will the ball return system from a 4x8 GC4 work on a 9' GC4 table? Gulleys, pockets, and ball box?