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    '06 Kenny Koo found on Craigslist: Deal of the year!

    Koo Cue Yea I sent the A-Hole money for that cue and now he is coming up with all kinds of reasons that he has not sent it to me yet now I know why
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    CT cue parts

    CT cue Parts I ordered some ring billets last year from him it only took 4 months to get them with all the running around I got and most of them have gaps that you can see all the way through the billet .
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    UltraSkins, Bad Tips Miscues

    Ultraskin tips Well Tom I install about 95% of your tips for people around here and I also play with the hard tip everyone that plays with them loves the way they play so dont change a thing about them just keep up the good work heck I need to order some more getting low. Thanks...
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    Cuestock photos and reports???

    Cuestock First off I would like to thank Mr. Black,Thomas Wayne and Paul Drexler for putting on this once in a life time event it is something I will never forget. To have some of the best cue builders and collecters in the world all in one place at one time, The stories and challanges of the...
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    John Bender.. "Hot Rod" and "Ebony Box Cue"

    Sweet cue The cool thing about this cue is the butt of it has a kind of flat taper to match each side of the lug nut butt cap and the wrap has a little give to it when you hold it all I can say is WOW, and John did a bang up job on this cue and a good story why it was built.
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    John Bender.. "Hot Rod" and "Ebony Box Cue"

    cues Well crap I wanted to see pics of the cues guess I will have to wait another 16 days befor I can see them.
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    TNT Max Pro cue tip. Free sample to the first 50 PM's

    TnT tips I just recived mine today and will try to get some feed back to you in the next week, once again thanks for some good looking tips.
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    TNT Max Pro cue tip. Free sample to the first 50 PM's

    Tips I also would like to try out your new tips, and Thanks
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    4-6 & 8 Point Prongs For Sale

    parts I will take them all if still available
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    Richard Harris cue 1992

    Cue If anything else I have a nice brand new 6 point cue with a radial pin and also a 1x1 case I will send him for for free all I need is your adress just PM me with your info and thanks for your service and sacrifice for our freedom.
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    New UltraSkin Web Page

    tipd Hey Tom Im in just let me know what I need to do
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    2 Girls, a Mustang, and the Road

    road trip Just wanted to say welcom to Pasadena Tx and good luck tonight
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    Looking for a shaftmaster

    junk Shaftmaster lathes are pure junk I bought one many years ago to get started out it did more harm then good the first night the light blew up and got glass in my hand and trying to face something is a totaly diffrint story I would not buy one just my 2 cents.:mad::mad:
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    handle wood for sale!

    handel wood I would like to purchase 20 of them pm me your info please and thank you.
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    JB Case - Mason 1934 - 2x4 Leather -

    JB case I wish this was a 3x6 it would be sold, keep up the good work .
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    barry szamboti cue..

    nice cue Good luck with your sale Mickey and this cue hits a ton.
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    WTS or WTT : Ebony on Ebony Ginacue Ivory Hoppe

    Gina Man this one sharp looking cue. PM sent your way and good luck.:eek:
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    Free UltraSkin Tips to first 10 that reply

    Real nice gentleman Mr.Hay this is a very nice thing that you are doing for people.He sent me some extra tips on an order I made to help people that could not afford to get a good quality tip installed and for people that love the game all I can say is thank you for being a very good person...
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    Shop Fox Dust Collector on Ebay

    dust collector I think I will bid on it I only live 25 min from Humble.:thumbup:
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    AZ Ultraskin Layered Tip Pricing

    applied Just applied :thumbup: