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    remember Sailor

    Sailor died a week or so ago. There was no death notice or obituary in the local paper. Dave(The Admiral)Nelson
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    2015 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Dave Nelson 14
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    Straight Pool?

    Thanks Dennis I look forward to the Peter Burroughs event. Dave
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    Straight Pool?

    In Accu-Stats e-mail notice of the coming U.S. open I see no mention of straight pool. Nor have I seen any mention of recent or pending tournaments. Am I looking in the wrong placeses? Dave Nelson
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    lost password
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    Leaving In Fall for Wisconsin

    Young Man: I love the game of pool, but my advice to you is put pool on the back burner for 4 years or so and maximize your educational opportunities. Bum is a word that describes a good pool player with no education or culture. I wish you the very best but the choice is yours. Dave Nelson
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    ★★"Nobody Ever Does Anything For Pool"★★

    rotation Me too. Dave Nelson
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    Where are all these strange thoughts coming from?

    ["Not in the business of forcing others to believe in what I believe. -Calvin original" You can't force belief. Only pretence of belief. Dave Nelson
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    New Home

    Simonis 760, tournament blue. Already contracted for. Dave Nelson
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    New Home

    Time. marches on!!!!. My wife and I are moving to the old folks home Monday. They have a pretty nice rec room there including a Brunswick 9 ft. Medalist. It needs to be recovered and management doesn't want too spend any money on it because no one uses it. It has lots of room around it and...
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    Whats your favorite book?? which should be made into a film??

    OOPS, I misdirected my answer. Sorry Dennis. But, Happy Easter everyone. May you find the prettiest egg on the block. Color mine skeptical. Dave Nelson
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    Whats your favorite book?? which should be made into a film??

    Thanks Lynch. I've been saying that for about 10 years without raising many comments. I don't think pool players read much. The Hustler was a good film but it would have been even better had they stuck closer to the book. COM was a good book but the film was mediocre. I would like to see...
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    On The Road Again with Perfect Aim....

    Gene, I'm still waiting for my lesson. I turned 67 April 3rd and don't know how many years I have left. Ah youth. What a shame too waste it on the young. Dave Nelson. 87 and still miss cueing.
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    AZB Memberships : BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD

    I tried to upgrade to gold for a year but you wont accept my credit card. I get a message "this card not usable for this purpose" .No one else seems to have a problem with it. I don't have a paypal account and do not want or need one. Dave Nelson
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    The Rise and Fall of Professional Bowling

    The bar table and the juke box are two of pool's greatest enemies. There are others. Dave Nelson
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    I don't get how he trim it with a penknife?

    I know this will seem like a horror story to all you good people, but. I don't have a lathe. I rest the shaft on a solid surface, rotate it by hand and bear down softly with a fine file. It takes a while but it works well for me. Dave Nelson
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    God is not going to help you win your match!

    Years ago when I was in the navy I used to hear guys praying in the chow line after they got their food. The most common prayer was, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and always". Didn't help. Dave Nelson
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    Kevin trudeau estate sale

    Has he done anything worse than almost any congress person?
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    Derby City Straight Pool Challenge 2014 Video

    How are the discs going to be packaged? I really like having them in individual boxes with some printed information inclosed. Cost more? Well worth it. Dave Nelson
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    If You Could Give One Single Bit Of Advice To A Lower Level Player . . .

    I played a match today with a young lady who is fairly new to pool and very new to straight pool. I had to play her 90 to 50. A formidable ratio for a low level player such as myself. I won the match by the skin of my teeth, 90 to 43. My advice to this young lady would be, pay attention...