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    APA skill level review--advice wanted

    Just a couple of thoughts from someone who has played in the APA for years. From my experience, it normally takes a player to win way more than 50% at a skill level to go up if they are not shooting scores above that skill level. You mentioned that she averaged well over 5innings per game...
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    The Missing Gene....HEART!

    You may not have intended to be a hustler but I bet you sure looked like one to him. You lose the first 4 and then double the bet. Then you come back and beat him 6 of 7 and then still don't want to give up a spot. If that happened to me, I would be pretty sure the guy hustled me. Look at it...
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    APA rules question

    According to my L.O. it is a perferctly legal shot. I have actually used it a few times myself and seen a couple of the other high end players do it as well. Leagueguy
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    Joe Rogan

    Except that Negrano is a canadian. At least I am pretty sure that he is a Canadian. Don't you want an American celebrity. Leagueguy
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    TAP vegas question

    I can offer some insight. First off, at APA Nationals you are not prevented form going down. A couple of years ago one of my 3's dropped to a 2. From my understanding, it does happen on occassion, just not as often as people going up. It is my understanding (not 100% sure but it is what i...
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    whats the difference ?

    I will weigh in on this. I agree that the balls made by an opponent can skew a handicap a bit, but I don't think it makes that big a difference. I would think that 4 or 5 balls a night would not happen that much. It is most likely 1 or 2 balls. I think that all hanicap systems (including APA)...
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    Interestingly enough, i did not make that post. Why would you copy my name and attach it to a post i did not make. My post is above. If you want to respond to me go ahead, but please don't copy my name and attach it to someone else's post Thanks. Leagueguy Please see red text
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    Did you perhaps just buy the TAP Franchise for the area. Your first post is a great marketing idea if you did. Leagueguy
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    2011 APA National Masters in Vegas

    Where does this 30,000,000 come from. you quote 300,000 x 100 per player. Who pays 100 per player - certainly not me - do you ? I paid a $25 memberships and my weekly fee goes to my league ooperator (which i understand a very small amount then goes to the APA). If you use a number of 260,000...
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    2011 APA National Masters in Vegas

    You realy think the APA takes in $30,000,000 a year. Can you show the math as to where you think this money comes from. You have a legitimate complaint about tables (I was there and played in the mini room so yes I agree that the tables were not great) but don't cloud the issue with...
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    APA Nationals 2011

    Sorry but you must have missed the tens of thousands of APA sponsorship dollars that have been put in to the WPBA the past few years. Just becuase they don't sponor the men, does not mean they do not support the game at the professional level. Leagueguy
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    Las Vegas

    The APA National Championships are at the Riviera that weekend and there are some pretty good shots that play in the Masters division. If you are looking for some action, go down to the Riviera and it probably won't take long to find a good 7 who will play you for something. Leagueguy.
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    All League Players - Poll as to Money Spent on League Night ***

    League Night Most of the people on our team spend about $20-25 per person per night depending on where we play. We are not heavy drinkers (one or two beers or soda's) but we usually have dinner when we play (unless we are at one location that only has pre-wrapped sandwiches - then we go early...
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    Pool Sayings for Personalized License Plates

    A friend of mine has 2 plates. IRULAQUE and IRULTHE9 Leagueguy
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    No problem. PM me and let me know how it goes. If you do win as I suspect you will and you end up in Vegas PM me so we can get together and shoot some while we are down there. Leagueguy
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    That sucks for you and your team. If a guy punched you and others threatened you and your team then they should be forfeited or disqualified (it is actually written in the Team manual) and there should be no grey area about it. Follow through with the National Office becuause it appears that...
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    TVmike has proven untrustworthy

    TvMike, Did you agree to do the footage and have Jay sell the DVD's and you take a %age. That seems to me to be the bottom line. Jay says you did. What do you say. Is Jay lying about this or did you agree and then once you realized the cost involved, needed to renogotiate. All the other...
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    ☁ Top 10 Worst Posters ☂

    Justnum has to be in the top 10 - no question.
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    barbox breaking

    Justadub, On a 7-foot bar box, I tend to break from just inside the rail into the 2nd ball. I hit it a little below center with a little inside english @ 70% speed. By doing this you can drive the cue ball into the side rail after contact to avoid the scratch and sometimes get the 8-ball moving...