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    Need a vouch

    I did but there’s not been anything in 8 years. Hoping for something more recent.
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    Need a vouch

    Looking to make a purchase from member LMB. I’ve been away from here for awhile and don’t know who is who anymore. Anyone vouch?? Gary
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    Looking for Wrapped Diveney w/veneers

    Typo...WRAPLESS only
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    Looking for Wrapped Diveney w/veneers

    Only looking for wrapped
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    Looking for Wrapped Diveney w/veneers

    Looking for wrapped Diveney with pointed veneers (no butterfly). Lakewood or Kielwood shafts are a plus
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    TAR 39 The Last Waltz

    LONG LIVE TAR!!!!!!!! Most didn't understand what they did but MANY others did. I miss what TAR did for pool. I hope Justin will eventually upload the rest of the matches to the site. Times have changed but TAR will live forever for many of us!
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    Derby City Straight Pool Challenge 2019

    I hope the event continues and grows to be a larger success. It's become one of if not my most favorite event to watch. Gary
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    Just asked to have both my accounts deleted

    LOL.... Drama queen!!!
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    Pat Diveney help

    No worries with Pat. I ordered a cue from him 6 years ago with zero issues and I have sent my cue back since for work. Great customer service and fast work. If all cue makers appreciated their customers like Pat does they would have more business than could handle.
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    Dechaine just chopped up Busty, but he's not even considered for MC.

    I know the thread has derailed from the MD but I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. Not only in pool, but other areas as well. But for the sake of the argument I'll stick with pool. It's comical to dismiss the achievements of the players of the past. In regards to pool, Mosconi's record...
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    Johnnyt RIP

    RIP Johnnyt I enjoyed your perspective on many topics over the years as well as your passion for the game.
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    Which butt for Revo? Throne vs. Roadline vs. P3 vs SP2

    I bought a second hand roadline with Z3 and a BK2 for $500. Will mate the Roadline up with a Revo when I run across one for the right price. Had a Revo 12.9 Radial I used on a Diveney for awhile but ended up selling it when they began fetching a premium. LOL I think the Revo would look great...
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    Diamond Pro-Am or Rasson Victory II

    I've not played on both tables but I have watched some pool streams that showed balls shot with speed hit the back of the pocket and shoot back out on the table... And that is on a Rasson. Diamond all the way.
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    1984 pictures Dayton, Ohio

    Cool pics! Love the old pics.
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    Lee Vann Corteza's Pool Cue by Pat Diveney

    Pat makes a great playing cue. Happy to say I've been playing with one for several years. And he's easy to deal with while standing behind his product if there is an issue. Always had top notch service from Mr. Diveney. Gary
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    I agree with all you said marek. I've never been a fan of other LD shafts but having tried a Revo at Derby City made a believer out of me. The high speed, inside english shots have been an achilles for me but found the LD of the Revo to help me make those shots with ease and great...
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    The best sponsor for pool?

    If recreational marijuana ever becomes legal on a Federal level, we are guaranteed to see high level pool.:thumbup:;) And what a sponsor one of those corporations would be!!:woot:
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    Predator Revo shafts everywhere at the DCC

    I've tried several LD shafts over the years to include Predator, OB, Jacoby and a few others and never been all that thrilled with them. I had to go to the Predator booth and try the Revo since so many people had them. Honestly, it was one of the best hitting shafts I've ever played with...
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    Roadline w/ revo + spare z3 derby city deal

    12.9 or 12.4? I’m here at derby with funds
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    DCC—who isn’t playing?

    LOL I was there Friday thru Sunday and left around 4 yesterday but hadnt seen him. Ill be back Tuesday evening.