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  1. strmanglr scott

    Your playing cue vs playing off the wall?

    Problem is today, the cues on the wall are literally the same ones you played with back then.
  2. strmanglr scott

    If not Simonis, than what?

    Mueller's Billiard supply.
  3. strmanglr scott

    If not Simonis, than what?

    Granito tournament 2000 Love it, every bit as fast as as Simonis, slightly heavier nap and doesn't wear thin like simonis.
  4. strmanglr scott

    do you use talcum powder?

    I equate using talc or chalk cones on the hand to scoop jumping.
  5. strmanglr scott

    Ball Polisher

    For my standards, my bucket polisher works great. I'd hand polish before I spent $500.
  6. strmanglr scott


    Meh, it's an ok deal. I'd offer $500 to start. I follow CL pretty close, you can find better deals. Anyone out there looking for a table, I would give a couple pieces of advice. 1. Be patient, at least 3-6 months watching CL and any other resale sights. 2. Check listings daily and be ready to...
  7. strmanglr scott

    What are you playing with today?

    Meucci Solid black power piston butt w finish over thread and a black dot shaft. About ten years in on this cue and it's still perfect.
  8. strmanglr scott

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Another Biden video?
  9. strmanglr scott

    The Fairway Portable Pool Table

    And there you go.
  10. strmanglr scott

    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    I love this bar. The almighty Glen, still ensnared in allegedly, his own doing. I think this thread might as well be a sticky until this issue is resolved by Glen and the OP.
  11. strmanglr scott

    my new Schmelke cue

    If I expected a normal shaft and got something different I wouldn't call it an upgrade, I'd call it a screw up. Honestly makes me question Schmelke practices.
  12. strmanglr scott

    An average pool player in a professional tournament | The Road To The US Open

    Holy combovers! :grin: I should talk, I'm half bald. Watched both videos, that's great stuff. It's gonna be hard for Rollie imo, it's gonna be a complete destruction of his game as he knows it, w a complete rebuild. Just the bridge changes alone are old habits to break and new to learn. I...
  13. strmanglr scott

    Room layout/7' vs 9'

    I'd like to see that. Did you consult a structural engineer? I got friends in construction that say it's no problem. All I can think if I don't have a structural engineer sign off on a good plan and something goes wrong with the House, I'm up the proverbial creek.
  14. strmanglr scott

    Loss of eyesight

    I'm blind in my right eye and play right handed. I didn't have to make the transition though, I've been this way since 16. It certainly seems he could re-learn to shoot with his off eye. He will have to re-adjust to depth perception. If he drives he should be watchful of this. I still have...
  15. strmanglr scott

    The Lag

    As usual on the forum people read too much into things. I'm playing how the tourney is set up. Period. I don't care if it's lag or flip. If I've been going to the same tourney each week and it's lag for break, don't ask me to flip and conversely. Don't know how I can make it any simpler than that.
  16. strmanglr scott

    New Jackpot/Zorro Threads - Over/Under

    I don't know a lot about cue manufacturers. But from what I've heard on here through the years is that Schmelke builds a quality cue. Some of you have criticized the quality of the zorro/jackpot cues. So, Schmelke making these cues doesn't add up to me.
  17. strmanglr scott

    The Lag

    I don't have any issues with the using a lag, I'd prefer it. But, I'll say it again, if everywhere I'm playing is using the coin flip and that's what the tourney I'm at is using, that's what I'm doing.
  18. strmanglr scott

    The Lag

    However the tournament is set-up is how I would do it.
  19. strmanglr scott

    Old/ vintage cue

    I wish I still had my old Dufferin. Same exact pin but mine had the maple leaf inlay.
  20. strmanglr scott

    The Lag

    The more skilled individual should enter tourneys that only use a lag or talk with the TD if that person is upset about it. If most of the tourneys I played in had a lag, I'd be much better practiced at the lag. You can bet your last quarter I would never ask for a flip in a lag tourney. The...