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    FOULS IN POOL ... Everything You Need to Know

    Commentators discussing a possible foul in a 2001 match between Efren and Griffis. Watch the 5 minutes between the 14 and 19 minute marks.
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    Eagle eye and sightright

    Steven Davis video: at the 6:24 mark
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    World 10-ball
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    PNS Gloves

    I liked the PNS gloves. Then I found something even better. Search for Bulletproof Basics Billiard Glove on ebay.
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    Biado vs Chang Jung Lin free live stream

    There's a lot of really good Filipino players that are unknown to many of us. Efren is in local action almost daily, getting the wild 9 ball plus games on the wire in 10 ball. And Efren is still shooting well.
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    DAZN petty charge

    In my experience with DAZN, the sure-fire way to cancel the subscription was to use their "chat". All my other methods failed.
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    Can a player hit down ?

    Mike Massey side stroke technique:
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    Can a player hit down ?

    Would it be a catastrophe if the 8-ball and rotation games rule-makers just eliminated the double-hit on the cue ball rule? I say - "Let 'em play on" if it is a single stroke (not a push), and the cue tip doesn't hit the object ball. Slow-motion camera shows many double-hits for previously...
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    What are the characteristics of a well ran league?

    One of many successful pool leagues:
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    A little humid for Bustamante

    Not enough rain to keep them from playing. Django getting the wild 9 spot in a 10 ball match.
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    Interesting FB post about FargoRate

    My understanding is that FargoRate incorporates some aspect of the Exponentially Weighted Moving Average method. The 'k' value chosen in the formula affects how much the final FargoRate number is affected by recent results vs older results. FargoRate would consider their 'k' value to be...
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    Best "race to" quantity

    I seem to remember that the statisticians at work wouldn't even consider a study if the performance of something vs another was different from each other... unless I had more than 20 samples (comparison data). If I had less than 20, then it would be difficult to determine a statistically...
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    Taom Chalk

    chalk, soft, fine-grained, easily pulverized, white-to-grayish variety of limestone. Chalk is composed of the shells of such minute marine organisms as foraminifera, coccoliths, and rhabdoliths. The purest varieties contain up to 99 percent calcium carbonate in the form of the mineral calcite...
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    Break Stats -- 2022 European Open Pool Championship (9-Ball), August 2022

    The break seemed to be a definite advantage for some players, such as Kaci. I expect that the 50% breaker won stat will improve with experience. My opinion is that this event was more exciting to watch.
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    What has happened to Billiards Gloves?

    I'm pleased with 'Bulletproof Basics Billiard Glove Fits Right Or Left Hand' on ebay
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    Hosting a tournament, looking for ideas

    Finishing within your allotted time should be a high priority, so that future tournaments will have good participation. Dragged out tournaments finishing at 2 a.m. are not enjoyable when the primary purpose of the tournament is to have fun. You only have 2 pool tables. That is a big...
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    Efren playing daily in the Philippines

    For several months, I've been enjoying watching Efren in almost daily money 10-ball matches (typically races to about 20) with all the up and coming young players in the Philippines. Many opponents have no FargoRate. Efren's speed is every bit of his current 775 Fargo; he rarely dogs shots, his...
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    SightRight: Stunned by how good this is

    Seems similar to a technique taught by Steve Davis. See video at the 6:24 mark.
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    Raga vs Orcollo

    At the 45 minute mark in the match, it was announced that the Shark's Management has arranged for Filler to travel to the Philippines and play against Orcollo. At the 47 minute mark, they said SVB is also going (after the World Cup of Pool).