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    I think this is a highly underrated point. I mean, Tiger probably knows as much or more about golf than anyone, but he still has a swing coach, short game coach, etc. Same for professionals of all sports, pitching coaches, hitting coaches, etc. I think the problem with pool is, can you make it...
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    APA Question spin off.

    Sounds to me like someone who likes to pay pool socially, hang out with friends, have a few drinks, tell a few jokes, etc. Nothing in the world wrong with that, although there is no need for her attitude. Maybe you should have explained that BCA is only for serious players who strive to reach...
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    “I beat myself…”

    Uncalled for... 🤣
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    3D Printed Balls

    I'm more of a autodesk inventor and autocad guy...fusion 360 not bad though
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    Good for the real HER…..

    Point of clarity: The post specifically mentions trans ACTIVIST, not trans people. You dont have to be a trans to be a trans activist...there could by psychotic trans activists out and about. Just sayin'
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    The Best Aiming System for Schools

    The execution was professional, creativity on point, visual aids a bonus...I give it a 10 for effort and a 10 for Effect! <iframe src="" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
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    Fedor Departs CueTec...?

    Easy big fella. If that joke hit a little close to home, well, get over it. You the only one getting all defensive and ass hurt. Relax.
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    Playing with pressure

    I started this thread several years ago. There is some good advice in there that has helped me. May be worth your time to take a look. Can We Talk Nerves?
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    Unusual/weird/unique billiard tools and implements

    I used to own this model table: That thing on top is a quick rack system. Not sure how popular they ever were, but I had never seen or heard of one. Made racking a lot faster though. Whish my diamond had something similar.
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    Carbon fiber shaft

    I have hit most of them, and still play with my old pechauer p+ lite shaft. I'm not against the CF shafts, I just haven't hit one that makes any more balls or that I feel as in-tune with. Hoping to try the Rogue and Becue soon. If they don't fit the bill, I'm going to resign myself the being...
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    SJM at the 2023 International Open

    Fran and Stu both have been on the inside of pro pool and seen and done things AND met people that most of us bangers will never get to do. They are both very generous with their insights and experiences here on the forum. Fact is, there not too many people as devoted who are willing to share...
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    Country Retreat Family Billiards ♥️

    Let's be fair, Just because you like to have a beer and shoot some pool doesn't mean you "have to have alcohol" wherever you go. But yes, for those truly addicted, and can't function without it, it is sad.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    too soon
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    You got action, sir! undefeated at Graceland!:ROFLMAO: The room has been centered around billiards since 1960, when Elvis first placed the table (three years after he bought the mansion). His favorite games were 8-ball and rotation, and he developed a reputation for repositioning the cue ball...
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    Battle of the Bull Roanoke VA Drama

    And Billy Thorpe is not the norm in the U.S. So double standards? Golf biggest star, by far, publicly cheated in his wife, sought treatment for sex addictio, then got high on pain pills and wrecked his car. Arguably Golf's second biggest star has admitted to losing MILLIONS ON GAMBLING. The...
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    Battle of the Bull Roanoke VA Drama

    This is the silliest post I've seem in a while.. and I read justnum's... The Euro's taking it over and making it respectable. Give me a break. Ever seen a premiere league soccer match? Did you happen to see Darren Appleton pitch a hissing fit and get banned/kicked out of a big tournament? Ever...
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    Battle of the Bull Roanoke VA Drama

    Well seeing as how you took the trouble to start a teaser thread, why not go ahead and tell the story the eyewitness told you? Ain't nothing else exciting happening around here...
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    Pool Player Podcast............... WPA

    Do you know how much pro's make from their national federation? Is that guaranteed money? I imagine whatever it is, those players would like to keep it. I still don't see anyone outside of the top 10 living large just because MR came along. It's obvious you hate WPA, but blindly and joyously...
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    Film oddities or coincidences in The Hustler

    Maybe not...
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    Pool Player Podcast............... WPA

    Even if it excludes those that will remain loyal to their WPA organization? Imagine if Filler, Ouschan, the Polish players, were to side with WPA because they receive funding from their government (Just using them as a hypothetical). Would MR really consider it a win if we never saw those guys...