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  1. pooldawg8

    New York Larry Gendler Has Passed - RIP

    Condolences to his Family & Friends. I have done a few deals with Larry here on azb. Straight up great guy Sorry to hear about your friend Brian. RIP Larry Jeff
  2. pooldawg8

    RIP To a Legend.

    I met Don a few times at SBE He was always very easy to talk with. Watched him play quite a bit as well. He was a fierce competitor for sure. My condolences to his Friends & Family. RIP Don
  3. pooldawg8

    Vintage cue for sale on marketplace

    You Lucky Dog I never have that kinda luck Lol Great pickup sir
  4. pooldawg8

    Sold Tip Press

    1 more bump to the top
  5. pooldawg8

    Sold Tip Press

    Bump to the top
  6. pooldawg8

    Sold Tip Press

    New price $200
  7. pooldawg8

    Sold Tip Press

    New price $250 shipped
  8. pooldawg8

    Sold Tip Press

    I have forsale an extra 6 tip, tip press that I only used a hand full of times to press my elkmaster milk dud tips. I only have 1 of these & when its gone its gone. 1st come 1st served Only selling & mailing in the US My price is; $300 shipped, Payment by Paypal Friends & Family, USPS...
  9. pooldawg8

    In San Antonio , TX

    In San Antonio,TX for acouple of days on family vacation Taken the wife by Fast Eddie’s tonight at the Culebra Rd location if any azers live close by. Shoot me a PM I’ll be there after 10 pm tonight. Thanks Jeff
  10. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    Mid month bump, PM me if interested in any.
  11. pooldawg8

    Jack Justis has passed away

    RIP Jack My condolences to family & Friends
  12. pooldawg8

    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    I had a Searing shaft along time back & it played really well. I`ve also had the pleasure of owning a Joey in Cali cue & his shafts play very sporty as well. But I have a Tascarella cue currently & love the way the Pete`s shafts play. Just my thoughts
  13. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    New month bump
  14. pooldawg8

    Soaking Leather Tips

    Really good points Hu I did a lot of test sampling, time soaked, days in press & so on. What I came up with was (for my persoanl opinion) I soak the tips in buttermilk for 4 days in the fridge, 4 days of pressing them (tighten the tip press) a little each day, then letting them set overnight...
  15. pooldawg8

    Club Membership

    Thanks for that. when I renewed my Gold membership back in Feb, they didn`t have the 2 yr plan or I would`ve choose that instead of a 1 yr membership. Thanks again Jeff
  16. pooldawg8

    Soaking Leather Tips

    Thanks James for your kind words, appreciate that very much. It took a lot of work & wasted money to get my tip press to where I`m happy with the results of them. I do have 1 extra tip press (presses 6 tips at a time) that I maybe interested in selling, but its not going to be cheap. Just...
  17. pooldawg8

    IT HAS BEEN SPOKEN FOR ON MONDAY Free Metal Lathe for installing tips etc

    Just a guess on my part but, I`m thinking Tom means the nephew is picking up the lathe on Monday May 22nd.
  18. pooldawg8

    SBE question

    I`ve been going to SBE since 1994. I do remember 1 yr it was in Edison, NJ. But since then it was moved back to PA. Love going to it every year.
  19. pooldawg8

    May "Caption This" contest

    I love the smell of fresh cheese.
  20. pooldawg8

    Super Billiards Expo, Did you go?

    Seniors winner: Pat McNally SS winner: Flaco Rodriguez If you search super billiards expo, there should be results for all tourney cashes. Hope this helps Jeff