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    Anyone need a cue??? Don't have any cash???

    I sent a cue to the lady who needed a cue for her little brother. I cant remember now what type of cue it was.
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    Seaglass505 - Stop The Insanity, Please

    Whole story. I shipped a case a full week ahead of him. No worries told him to take his time. I work in the oil field and got called back to work. He know this at this time I think. As far as wait until the deal is going the other way that goes for everyone on here lol. Everyone is looking to...
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    Seaglass505 - Stop The Insanity, Please

    All of those great deals come from a purchase. Put one up for sale and see if you are offered that same great deal.
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    Seaglass505 - Stop The Insanity, Please

    Even the foul in the youtube video ? You cant jack up on a ball and have it roll forward without fouling.
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    Help Idendify

    Billy you will find that most of the guys here dont have alot of life. The highlight of their day is getting to tell people they are posting in the new forum. If would be way to easy for them to just ignore a post if they didnt want to help.
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    "Mint" or "Like New" Condition. What does it mean?

    I see the same seller using this alot " some signs of wear but in mint condition". I smirk a little each time I see this. He also says he sales all cues with a slight taper roll. Mint means just that Mint.
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    $$$$$$$$looking for 3 piece jump cue$$$$$$$$

    I have a Hanshew Purple heart jump Cue.. Breaks down into three pieces.
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    Original Mid 60 Helmstetter with Scruggs Shaft Absolute MINT CONDITION

    What a deal.... 900 dollars for a 300 dollar cue.... Where do I send the money ?
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    Steve klapp sneaky Pete ! $285 shipped

    Ill take it thanks... Pm sent
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    :: WTT // Andy Gilbert 4 Point Hoppe (Spalted Maple + Rosewood) ::

    That Woodworth is a great looking cue.
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    chuck starkey brunswick butterfly

    Do you still have this cue?
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    Sell me something

    Slikster Bayou State 9 ball T shirt
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    4 Original ::Its George 2x4 Cases:: with Keys!!!

    Great cases Shane... Im glad I could help.
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    3x6 Its George Case

    to the top
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    3x6 Its George Case

    Make me an offer. You might be shocked
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    Old Purple heart sneaky.. dark as ebony

    pm sent ill take it
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    3x6 Its George Case

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    3x6 Its George Case

    Awesome 3x6 Its George Case. Brand New. $500.00 Cant seem to upload a picture. Message me for details.
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    FS: Abear Cue

    I am interested PM sent
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    F/s awesome jim baxter ebony dufferin hoppe

    He has the same Jps on here for sale for 45... just saying