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    CJ's Adventures on the Road Hustling, Gambling and Battling Francisco Bustamante

    I don't post much anymore. I'm glad you're back. I'll dive in to the vids when I get back in town. Best, Mike
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    CJ's Adventures on the Road Hustling, Gambling and Battling Francisco Bustamante

    The "plane players" are always tougher. They can't go bust and sleep in their cars. They gotta win! :D I just joined your site and am looking forward to the instruction. It was top notch in the past. :cool: TTYL Best, Mike
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    Wendell Weir past away 5/2/2020

    Wendell was a class act. Always friendly whenever I saw him. RIP my friend! Best, Mike
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    Why Pivot?

    I think of it as an easy way to get the "over-cut", especially as you move past 30 degree angles. Ferrule aiming sets that up, too. I'd rather cut a little thinner than thick. Best, Mike
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    Some news

    RIP, Neil! Best, Mike
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    OB contact point, shift & pivot

    I'll use the inside of my shaft as a guide on thinner cuts. I'd rather slightly over cut the shot than not. Best, Mike
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    $2000 Bank Bend Challenge

    The real point here is can anybody prove it didn't happen? I saw it bend into the pocket. He met the criteria and nobody can say it didn't happen. Best, Mike
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    Valued AZ Member 3RAILKICK (Bill Worrell) Has Passed - RIP

    I remember that post and thought it was top notch! Best, Mike
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    Another good one gone.....

    Bill was a really good guy and one of my AZ favorite posters. Sorry to hear about his passing. :sorry: RIP, bud! Best, Mike
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    Ron Vitello passed away

    Ron was a great guy with a ton of knowledge about many parts of the game. I talked to him several times and he always knew how to get the idea across and the problem solved. A real loss for not only the pool world, but for all that knew him. Best, Mike
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    What Type of Cueist Are You & Why Do You Think Your Way is Best?

    No, PT. Quit your naggin'! :smile: Best, Mike
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    Wondering what happened to Rocket Man

    Rich "Rocket Man" Slupik hawked the Chicago action scene during the 70s and 80s. He got the moniker because he went off when he got his nose open, providing action anywhere he went. A super nice guy who would bend over backwards to make a game, even if he gave up the stone mortal nutz. I heard...
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    Which shots give you AIMING problems?

    I like to line up with a tip of inside and pivot to center for a "slight over cut" on really thin shots. :wink: Best, Mike
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    Center Ball

    An advanced player learns to leave the cue ball on the correct side of the object ball. They can send the cue ball in the right direction with a natural angle, thick or thin, using spin or just a controlled stroke for position. The weaker player has to do more unnatural things to get back in...
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    Samba vs 90-90

    I learned the 90/90 system from these forums years ago. I called Ron and he filled in the gaps after I started to run with it. I've also worked with the Samba system since Ekkes released it a few months ago. Ekkes does a great job of going into detail about technique. He even touches on the...
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    curving an object ball....

    These videos show the high inside spin I posted about earlier. It helps the turn as it grabs the cloth, like the cue ball in a follow stroke. You can also bank around balls with topspin by getting a little hop off of the rail. The ball slides over to a clear angle before the top spin on it...
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    curving an object ball....

    The long straight backs are the ones I usually see turn. I always thought when they're hit firm, the rail spits them out with a lot of top spin. They turn like a hard follow stroke when the spin grabs. I like to use a little inside. It feels like I get some high inside spin on the object ball...
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    Lining up center cue ball and dominant eye

    Don't know. Too bad. It was a good link at the time. Maybe Justin knows. Best, Mike
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    Some one post a picture of waterdog

    Picture a skinny hippie looking guy with long straight brown hair and a beard. Usually wearing sandals, old tee shirt and blue jeans. Home made tats on up and down both arms, yellow fingers smoking a cigarette. Don was a top player when his mixture was right. Played him a couple of times in...
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    9ft table in 14ft wide room

    My room is the same size. I just jack up slightly. The only time it's even an issue is when I shoot straight across, which doesn't happen too often. Get the 9 footer. You'll be fine with the room size. Best, Mike