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  1. RBC

    Latest Craigslist pickup

    Nice buy Randy. We have 2 5HP compressors and one of them is an IR 2475. In the IR line up, the 2475 seems to be the best choice. To me it's the most "commercial" model. Royce
  2. RBC

    Proposal: Implement a "call fouls on yourself" rule in pool

    Well, if it was left there by accident, then it won't hurt to move it somewhere else before they shoot. Royce
  3. RBC

    Proposal: Implement a "call fouls on yourself" rule in pool

    Sure there is. I haven't looked it up, but there are rules against marking or otherwise giving yourself an aiming point to shoot at. I don't leave my chalk on the table, but there are many who do. I don't have a problem with it, but I won't allow someone to mark there shot by setting the chalk...
  4. RBC

    Round rod sander worth...

    Randy How much are they trying to charge you get it through the port and customs? I would think the loading it on your truck is probably the part they don't like. They should be able to load it on a normal freight carrier like it's automatic. Millions of products get unloaded from boats, make...
  5. RBC

    Servo vs stepper resolution

    Just wanted to share some new information about the clearpath servo's. I've known that the motors come either as the regular version with an "Input Resolution" of 800 counts per turn, or the enhanced version with an input resolution of 6400 counts per turn. The enhanced option does cost a...
  6. RBC

    BB sale-Needing Dallas AZer with Scale and Calipers

    Ryan I'm not sure what part of Dallas you're in, but you're welcome to come to our shop in Plano and we'll measure it and weight it for you. We're open from 8:30 to 5:30 weekdays, but we do leave for lunch and sometimes run errands so give us a call in advance so we know you're coming...
  7. RBC

    Recut Points

    JV I guess the funny thing is that we tend to name something based on how it's done. But, as time goes on the methods change. When they do, the name now doesn't necessarily fit, but usually stays with the result rather than the method. Recuts were most likely made that way. However, there are...
  8. RBC

    what is a recut point ???

    Dave, No worries! These are always great conversations, and I enjoy them very much. The pool industry is unique in that we don't have any kind of individual industry authority to define and standardize things. So, we end up with different names for the same thing. To me, veneer is by...
  9. RBC

    what is a recut point ???

    It really all comes down to the miter seam. The traditional method using individual dyed veneers to make the colors on each side of the point is different from recuts because the colored wood lines on each side of each point are separate pieces. The easiest way to see this is to find the miter...
  10. RBC

    Recut Points

    Classiccues and Skins, I'm curious as to why you guys wouldn't consider either Dennis' or Skips' method to be recuts? There is a distinct difference the traditional veneered points and recut points. Some make the recut point before it goes into the cue, and some cut them individually in the...
  11. RBC

    APA 5 - How much weight would you give?

    To answer the original question, it would depend on how good that 5 plays. As has been stated, an APA 5 can have a very broad skill level depending on where they established their rating and how good they are at manipulating the system. Handicap systems are tricky. For one to be truly...
  12. RBC

    Should Southwest Cues Sponsor the new U.S. Open 9-Ball Champion, Kevin Cheng?

    Joey I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think Denny may be in Las Vegas these days. HI, by the way! How are things going these days? Royce
  13. RBC

    Ob Carbon Fiber Pad on shaft

    To the OP You would almost definitely lose the tip. You might try to get a little thin CA in the split area, squeeze it down tight and let the glue set. What's happened is that the carbon fiber has separated between the layers of carbon weave. Most likely it experienced a "lifting" or upward...
  14. RBC

    Lathe for sale in Florida Fort Myers area

    Macguy I here what you're saying, but the reason you don't see too many of these for sale is that they just don't bring much money. They're usually in pretty bad shape by the time someone wants to sell them. I'd be interested in it if I could get it cheap. I'd probably do something similar to...
  15. RBC

    Lathe for sale in Florida Fort Myers area

    Macguy What do you think a fair offer would be? With the motor out, and it hasn't run in a long time. Royce
  16. RBC

    Guido's new Joint Pins

    Charlie If they will work with the normal Radial™ tap, then the profile is the same as what we know as Radial™. I'm not sure what specs Guido might have changed, but the important ones will still be the same. Royce
  17. RBC

    Guido's new Joint Pins

    Joey They appear to be a pin he had machined. They look to be made to the same thread form as the UniLoc brand Radial pin. Royce
  18. RBC

    weight verse energy transfer

    In my experience, those who move the cue ball more, the ones who are described as having a great stroke, are really the ones who can hit closer to the miscue limit at faster cue speeds. Cue ball spin is a function of the how much energy is imparted on the cue ball, and where it's imparted...
  19. RBC

    Planet cnc

    Joey I've looked at this before, and I don't really care for it. It's very limited on I/O's, it only operates at 110 khz, it must work with their motion control software and not Mach3. It also looks as though all homing is pretty much fixed so you don't really have any control. You have to buy...
  20. RBC

    csmio card for cnc

    I think you'll like the smoothstepper. Make sure you use their new configuration tool. It makes things easier to setup. Let me know if you need any help getting things running. I have a program that deals with the enable signals out to the motors and the servo on signals coming back from the...