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    Helmstetter cue

    Did you take these photos with a toaster?
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    Old 4 Piece Slate table Can You Identify

    I'm playing on an 1896 BBC Narraganset table....also with 4 slates. What color is your slate? Gray slate and green slate mean 2 entirely different possibilities. Before approx 1930....most, if not all, US tables had green slate from the East coast - VA if I recall correctly. They were cut into 4...
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    Tues and Sat nights the 12' table gets alot of use from the local "russians". That table is $20/hr, and they have pyramid cues for use on the walls. Good luck.....that table/balls destroys my game for days.
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    They have only 1 12' table - it is not a snooker table - It is a Pyramid table. The balls are larger, the pockets are smaller, the cues are bigger/heavier. The pockets are reverse cut and approx 1/16" larger than the balls. I did convince the owner to get a set of snooker balls - so the table...
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    Shaftwood question

    in summary well, thats the info/opinions I was looking for...appreciate the assist! now to find someone to build shafts!
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    Shaftwood question

    Just looking for opinions from your vast compendium of knowledge - I'm looking to have some shafts made - not sure who yet, but thats not my question. Would/could a person use an old, straight, one piece house cue and turn it into a high quality shaft? I figure the woods plenty dried, and if...
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    Bob Frey Sneaky older model.

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    Key West Pool Rooms

    Key west rooms Key West does have a history with pool rooms and Players. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned Hector Parra and Cocky. Hector is alive and well, and can be found some days playing in the new and only pool room in KW - Shooterz. Cocky was his brother, now passed. A third...
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    3 gold crown 1s, 2 9' imperiels, 1 12' Russian pyramid table. Happy hour is 11am to 5pm and 1am to 3am
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    Verdict is in - Shooterz in Key West is finally open! Hours are 11am-4am. They've been open almost 1 month, and doing excellent business. Food is amazing for a bar, tables are a touch spendy (15/hr), but in great shape and 1/2 during happy hours. 1st tourney is Aug 17th. BCA 8ball, double...
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    FS - Alex Brick 8pt BEM into ebony

    FS - 1998 Alex Brick. 4 Hi/4Low BEM into Ebony, with 4 Purpleheart inner pts. One of a kind and one of his fancier cues. 3 original shafts, 1 Ivory Ferrule, 2 unknown ferrules. 1 original 314 (pre-cat) shaft with matching ringwork done by Alex. This cue has a lot of play on it, and shows several...
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    Frey sneaky Pete

    frey is the shaft original to the butt? coloring looks rather different.....
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    If this question is for me.....the only public 9's in the keys are at coconuts on big pine. 3 GC4's....pretty beat up, very inconsistent. Not surprised nothing comes up on Google, as the new room in key West isn't open yet, but it's located in habana plaza on Flagler Ave.
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    deets Although I'm the OP, I'm not the owner or investor or silent partner in the new room. I'm just excited to be able to shoot in public again w/o relying on 6 or 7', beat to hell valley's in a smoky bar. some things ill respond to here - There is food - small plate/tapas mediteranean the...
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    non smoking, full bar
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    Key west hasn't had a pool room in 7 years - and the most recent room was a joke. Shooterz billiards and lounge will be open (supposedly) on Superbowl Sunday for its grand opening. Room has 3 - GC 1's, 2 - 9' Imperials, and 1 12' Russian Imperial. It's not huge, but we're a small town with...
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    ***FS: Older Frey 3/8x10 sneaky pete***

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    Frey Sneakie Pete

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    Home tables discussion

    Gc!!!!!! I REALLLLY want to write a massive description of what I believe you should do here....It's 2AM, I'm at work, I'm tired, and I'm bored. But today is your lucky day.....I shall spare you the details, reasons and experiences and simply cut to the chase. Buy the BIGGEST Gosh Darned Gold...
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    Earl's 5 US Opens vs Shane's 5 US Opens: Who's was more difficult?

    Comparing Equipment between the 2 era's is all players played on and with the same equipment. same to everyone in the 80's, same to everyone now. The question was "who had the tougher field?" The answer I believe is obvious. SVB. Someone else said it earlier...the USO is a...