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    Anyone have Cataract Corrective Surgery?

    So I have a cataract and as part of the corrective process, I will have my eye's lens replaced. There's are basically 3 lens types to choose from, each at different price points. Has anyone out there had this done and with Pool as a consideration, what type of lens did you choose? THANKS...

    Ultimate Pool Accessory? The Cataract Surgery Replacement Lens

    So I need Cataract corrective surgery. For anyone who doesn't know...they surgically (via laser) get rid of your eye's clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens. Like everything else in life there are different tiers of replacement lenses. The first is basic, no frills. The 2nd &...

    The Character Arc of Fast Eddie Felson

    THE HUSTLER: Bert: I don't think there's a pool player alive shoots better pool than I saw you shoot the other night at Ames. You got talent. Eddie: So I got talent. So what beat me? Bert: Character Eddie: (laughs) Yeah. Sure, sure. Bert: You're damned right I'm sure. Everybody's got...

    OB Cues question

    Did the old school, original, Royce era OB cues come standard with Uni-Loc joints (or am I just imagining they did)? I'm trying to find a buddy of mine a great "starter" cue, but boy has the Covid supply chain issues hit the pool cue industry hard. I can't find anything decent for a decent...

    Can You Identify This TV Pool Table?

    For all of my fellow Barbara Eden fans, here's the full picture.

    Who is your top 5 cue makers?

    Paul Drexler (pfd studios) Tim Scruggs Paul Mottey Tascarella Richard Black

    Can You Identify This TV Pool Table?

    This is a Pool table most people 45 and older have seen on TV, back when Color TV was new and most markets only had 7 channels. Can you identify the program & setting? BONUS: Can anyone identify the Pool table brand & model? Hope this brought back some cool memories. -Z-

    An App for Improving Your Game?

    Bored while waiting for something recently, I desperately downloaded the 1st Pool app I could find to my phone. It was called "Shooting Ball". It took a while to figure out all it's features, but I found it fun. It allows for specific aim, stroke speed/force as well as cue tip placement on the...

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?


    Whos instructional videos do you like?

    I absolutely LOVE Sharivari on Youtube, Unlike so many Pool Youtubers, he speaks simply, gets to the point, has great production. He includes lessons on subject matter that I find extremely important & interesting. He breaks down important educational info in a simple, easy to understand...

    2+ Years with a REVO Shaft.

    For years I liked Triangle. They're still good tips, but there are too many super premium tips out there to use them anymore. I tend not to do well with hard or soft tips.

    PureX Cue Case: Amazing Quality for the Money

    Let's try this again...

    2+ Years with a REVO Shaft.

    So I've had my Revo shaft for a little over 2 years now. Verdict: I'm never going back to wood shafts. No, it doesn't make me shoot like Strickland, Dechaine or Sigel, but there are some great benefits that I love and in my mind, for me, justifies the price. With wood shafts I could only...

    PureX Cue Case: Amazing Quality for the Money

    I wanted to purchase a new case in the 2X4 config. I really wanted a Whitten but didn't want to spend a g-note given recent world events. I looked at all the usual suspects and somehow they all fell short. Then I came across the NEW PureX Cue Cases. It had everything I was looking for. I...

    There is a great Renaissance of 1980's hobbies going on right now.

    Allegedly, there's been a movie about the life of Ralph Greenleaf sitting in the can, ready to go since the mid 1990's.

    There is a great Renaissance of 1980's hobbies going on right now.

    This is true. In addition to a Brunswick GC III, I have one of these bad boys in the waiting room of our office suite. The patients & their family members love it. It has cut down on missed visits and appointment tardiness. Of course the staff are all behind in their paperwork like never...

    I have a lesson with Mike Sigel 21 January, 2019

    I had a lesson with Mike a couple of years ago and it was worth every penny. I live in CT and flew down to FL just for the lesson. Mike is every bit as good a teacher as he is/was a champion pool player. He is specific and articulate. He can diagnose what's holding you back in seconds. In...

    What Billiard Table Do You Prefer?

    For those who play Billiards, 3 cushion or otherwise, what brand & model Billiard table would you prefer to play on in your local Pool room or Billiard Club? Back in the day, Soren Sogaard was THEE Billiard Table. THOUGHTS?

    RIP Executive Billiards, White Plains, NY

    Central Ave? Yes, the rent on any suitable property from Yonkers to White Plains I can well imagine would be cost prohibitive...even with alcohol. Former Executive denizen "George The Greek" (RIP), opened a room on Central Avenue in White Plains...High Pockets I think it was called. It was...

    RIP Executive Billiards, White Plains, NY

    I was real sad to learn yesterday that Executive Billiards in White Plains NY has closed. I'm not sure exactly when they closed, but it looks like it was the late Fall of 2018. Their website states they're "moving" but I've heard nothing as to where. Finding affordable rent near White Plains...