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    Head string and foot spot markings

    Hi everyone, Curious as to what type of permanent markers everyone is using to mark the head string, foot spot line on their tables. I will be using a white permanent marker on 860HR simonis tournament blue cloth. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody
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    Hard wood floor protectors

    Hi everyone, I'm getting my 9' diamond pro-am delivered in about a month. We just installed Acacia hardwood floors in the house, and the billiard room. I'm concerned that the 1200 lbs, weight of the table, over time could cause discoloration, or damage to the floors. What should I put in between...
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    What carpet should i put under my table

    Hiya everybody... We're putting a 9' diamond in our billiard room. I'm wondering what is the best carpet for high traffic.... We heard wool is the best, but its pricey... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks everybody
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    Lite system or predator light

    Hi everyone, wondering what all of you think about the lite systems billiard light vs. Predator billiard light. One of these will be over my 9' diamond pool table. Pros and cons on both would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks everybody
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    Diamond pool table -- pro am or professional

    Thank you for the info.....where would you suggest I look for a used 9' diamond professional
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    Diamond pool table -- pro am or professional

    Hi everyone.... I'm going to buy a diamond pool table, either a pro am, or a professional.....I'm curious if a 9' pro am or a 9' professional play exactly the same. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks everybody
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    Wood selections on a new SW

    Kink, you're looking at about 2 or 3 years until you receive your cue.Right now, SW is filling orders from 2005
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    Wood selections on a new SW

    Hi everyone, I am curious as to all the different wood combinations, that Southwest offers. Does anyone know all of the woods SW has ? I haven't asked laurie, didnt wanna annoy her with this question, so I figured I'd ask on here Thanks
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    Tips on south west cues

    Hello everyone I bought a south west, in April 2018, and I've been playing about 6 times a month since I bought this cue. It seems to me that the triangle tip, that came on the cue, from SW, has worn down at a faster rate, than I want to see.... Dont want to send the shaft back to SW, to...
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    Turning Stone Classic XXX

    Turning stone brackets Hiya everybody I'm playing in the tournament, 1st time at turning stone, and 1st time playing in this tourney... Anyone know when the brackets will be posted? Just curious who I'm gonna be racking for, my 1st match Lol
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    The most I ever spent on a cue...description only...

    New 2017 Southwest $4700
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    Extension for my southwest

    Hi everybody... I looking to get an extension for my southwest, I've included some pictures. I want the extension to match the cue, I have no idea who does this type of work. I dont want one of those slip on extensions, because I'm concerned about damaging the cue. Can anybody recommend someone...
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    X-breaker value

    Yeah, 2 yoots
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    X-breaker value

    Anyone know what this x-breaker might be worth? It has 2 shafts, weight is around 20oz with either shaft
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    My new 2017 southwest

    I bought from a guy, that ordered this cue in 2003. Received it last year, played with it for 2 hours, then put it away. My 1st southwest, I've been playing with schöns for over 20 years
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    My new 2017 southwest

    Looks good Plays even better
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    What's this SW worth

    Hi everyone, I bought a SW on Saturday May 5th. Here are the specs 2017 SW 19.15oz with either shaft 2 shafts Joint Protecters from SW Goncalo alves into pao ferro points 3 veneers I would like to hear from everyone with knowledge about what this cue is worth, and what someone should feel...
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    APA needs to step it up

    Here's my take on the APA if you wanna go out once or twice a week to play in a league, APA is suited for you. If you're a serious player, like I was, when I was in the APA, I felt I was wasting my time....... TO play all season, win, and make it to vegas, to play on worn cloth, with plastic...
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    WTB a southwest

    Thank you so much
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    WTB a southwest

    Hello, I'm buying a southwest. Will it be yours ? $5500 is thee absolute most I want to spend Here's a list of the things I would like... Joint Protecters from southwest At least 2 shafts @13mm each 19oz-19.5oz weight of the cue with either shaft Brand new condition or refinished by southwest...