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  1. Mt. Cheverest

    Putting someone in a tournament ???

    The backer should absolutely get the entry fee back. At least that is what I would agree upon. After that, however the split is concerned will usually depend on the situation. It may not always be 50/50.
  2. Mt. Cheverest

    Best drink to play pool with.

    If gambling: water, soda, or tea, whatever I'm in the mood for. If playing with friends, etc....I definitely like an ice cold beer.
  3. Mt. Cheverest

    Why was the "HAMB aiming" thread taken down?

    Unless they are living in third-world countries, most probably use the Internet in some way, shape, or form.
  4. Mt. Cheverest

    Aiming Systems EXPOSED:

  5. Mt. Cheverest

    Is Putting your Cue away BEFORE your Opponent has finished running out Gamesmanship?

    A shark is a shark, whether it works or not. None of that bs works on me either anymore. It doesn't change the fact that if someone does it, game over. But aside from that, it's damn near impossible to not notice someone breaking down their cue.
  6. Mt. Cheverest

    Is Putting your Cue away BEFORE your Opponent has finished running out Gamesmanship?

    If you aren't patient enough or have the decency to WAIT till the match is over to put away your cue, then you deserve to lose. It's a shark. That's why people do it. No other reason. Cheap win? I'll take anything in this economy. ;)
  7. Mt. Cheverest

    Is Putting your Cue away BEFORE your Opponent has finished running out Gamesmanship?

    You lose. Simple. If you do need to change shafts: 1. Do it on YOUR turn. 2. Tell your opponent. As far as your break cue is concerned, if you do it right after the break then just say, "hey, I'm putting my break cue away so I don't leave it out" or whatever
  8. Mt. Cheverest

    Keeping It Real...

    9 of the 14 tables in the Tournament Room at Q-Masters are already Diamonds. There are also 4 other Diamonds (older models, not a fast) not in that room. He could easily get 5 more, hell he buys new ones every year for the Open.
  9. Mt. Cheverest

    Poll: smoking and pool

    Q-Masters Q-Masters in Virginia Beach allows smoking in two of the 4 large rooms. The front room and another room (the latest addition) allow for non-smokers to enjoy smoke-free atmosphere while shooting. The back room and the Green room (bar room) allow for smoking. I believe this is the way...
  10. Mt. Cheverest

    Barry Behrman responds to ABP press release

    Statement From Barry Behrman and Shannon Berhman Paschall – Exclusive to AZB My daughter Shannon and I want to begin by saying thank you to all of the U.S. Open supporters. Thank you for all of your emails, texts, and calls in reference to the recent press release from the ABP in reference to...
  11. Mt. Cheverest

    ABP boycotts Berhman's event

    As an everyday patron of Q-Master's, I wouldn't want to be around Barry right now. He just had a major knee(s) operation and now this.... Ouch.
  12. Mt. Cheverest

    When is it ok to "quit winner"?

    Just use common sense Quitting winner is OK if: 1. You give a time limit. If you say 3 hours or a specific time and you are up, by all means, get out with the cash. 2. The spot changes. Let's say you start even and are winning then adjust the game and it's out of line. You refuse to keep...
  13. Mt. Cheverest

    Shane SVB's playing cue this is your test... McDermott McDermott Piece of Crap Piece of Crap And you can hit a stop shot with 3/4 So now the cue doesn't matter. CLEARLY. Ok.
  14. Mt. Cheverest

    Rule on miscuing.... I had to withdraw from a tournament

    Actually, they changed the rule last year; all face mask penalties are 15 yards.
  15. Mt. Cheverest

    Foul or no foul? You be the ref.

    I like this thread. No foul.
  16. Mt. Cheverest

    Have you ever felt like doing this???

    Couldn't agree more. I've done this at my local 9 ball tourney plenty of times but no one paid to watch me do that.
  17. Mt. Cheverest

    PRO ONE DVD: Answering Questions

    Well I have taken some shots at him since with no response so I assume that I am indeed a member of the illustrious club. I will still post here and point out the flaws of his or others downplay of the system. My main argument (and others') is that he claims to understand the system with ZERO...
  18. Mt. Cheverest

    PRO ONE DVD: Answering Questions

  19. Mt. Cheverest

    PRO ONE DVD: Answering Questions

    See what I mean, question him just a little and he gets his panties in a bunch. Go cry home to momma PJ. Party in the bit bin at Cookie's place, I'll provide the booze.
  20. Mt. Cheverest

    PRO ONE DVD: Answering Questions

    IDK, but I made no derrogatory statements nor did I call him any names I was simply pointing out the holes in so called "anologies" that he was comparing CTE to (you can go back and read the posts, I don't have many on here yet) and trying to decifer is "logic" and then says I don't understand...