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  1. bizboy313

    Action rooms in Philly?

    what kind of action are u lookin for?
  2. bizboy313

    Pros That Stopped Smoking?

    Efren smoked for ages and quit, Buddy Hall was a smoker and quit I believe. I know a guy at my room who smoked for 25+ years and when he quit, his game jumped like 4 speeds (after a period of getting used to of course)
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    I got josh for $100 if anybody wants a sweat bet
  4. bizboy313

    Maryland Straight Pool Tournament on AZ Home Page

    Ok so I logged onto azbilliards today and saw the notice about the MD. Straight Pool tournament this weekend. I thought it was very nice for them to give a spotlight to this great event and bring awareness to the great game of straight pool. Here is my problem though: they put a picture of...
  5. bizboy313

    SVB - Efren Match

    you sir, are a moron
  6. bizboy313

    The 2008 Pennsylvania Women's State Nine Ball Championship!

    This weekend, Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania will be hosting the 2008 PA Women's State Nine Ball Championship. Many of the top, talented players of the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Northeast Women's 9-Ball Tour and other professionals will be participating in this $2500 added event...
  7. bizboy313

    Black Boar and other custom cues for sale

    as far as i know the black boar is all original from tony. its a beautiful cue and plays FANTASTIC. i wish i had more loot so i could buy it haha
  8. bizboy313

    Black Boar and other custom cues for sale

  9. bizboy313

    Black Boar and other custom cues for sale

  10. bizboy313

    Black Boar and other custom cues for sale

    Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I had some computer issues and had all my pictures corrupted!:eek: If you would like to view pictures of the above mentioned cues, you can go to and view the slideshow. I included information on each of the cues so you know what...
  11. bizboy313

    Black Boar and other custom cues for sale

    Bob Maidhof of Drexeline Billiards is selling a few of his high end custom cues. Some have never been played with. USED Black Boar. 58" 19.5 oz. Very Good Condition. 2 Shafts. 12.75 mm w/ Ivory Ferrules. $4500 NEW Paul Dayton Cue. 58" 19.5 oz. 2 Shafts. 12.75 mm. Ivory Ferrules. $2000 NEW...
  12. bizboy313

    Drexeline Billiards is going smokefree !!!

    I'm the fulltime houseman at Drexeline Billiards and believe me, the room goin smoke free will be GOOD for business. I'm a smoker myself but the notice about going smoke free has been up for a month and the vast majority of the smokers in the room realize (with a little explaining) that it is...
  13. bizboy313

    Efren Reyes playing Deal-or-No Deal :)

    Omg, does anyone else think its sad the production value in the phillipines is higher than in the US I enjoyed watchin this WAY more than howie
  14. bizboy313

    Question about Efren and Hard Times in LA

    pm jay helfert, he would prolly know
  15. bizboy313

    Argument/Forfeit at Predator World 14.1 Championship

    I talked to Bob right after the match on the phone and he told me that Stevie was calling him a cheater and telling Bob that he needed to cheat to win. All this after a gentleman spectator that was watching the match told both parties that Bob had not fouled. I've had this verified by someone...
  16. bizboy313

    best in new york?

    Is Ginky still the top dog? I havent heard alot about him lately but he was the strongest I saw when I was in NYC.
  17. bizboy313

    Have fun in valley forge....

    I live in Philly and the weather is awful. The roads are horrendous because PennDOT didnt do any salting because it was raining all of last night. Hopefully they will have the roads cleaned up by Saturday morning
  18. bizboy313

    AZ Billiards Get together at Valley Forge

    I'm the houseman at Drexeline Billiards and will be working on Thurs and Fri nights. If you guys wanna set something up, call the pool room at 610-259-9144 and talk to Bob Maidhof, the owner. I'm sure he would be happy to host whatever you guys would want to have and I'm willing to stay open if...
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    Video - Willie Hoppe and Welker Cochran

    Way cool! Thanks!
  20. bizboy313

    Current Top players

    I heard something like Orcullo offered every American player the 7 except for Corey and Archer, he would give them the 8. Is this true? If it is, I guess that answers the level of Corey's game.