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    Cue Repair work in the GTA

    Would check with Justin Leyland - he's ~45mins from Downtown at Spot On Billiards
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    HAMMERHEAD Give away.... Outsville.....

    Been looking for a new tip on my tiger icebreaker, happy to pitch in my 2c.
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    STL File: Willard 11mm Collet

    The files for printing are attached, the picture is just a preview. I have printed them and the blade holder worked very well for installing a snooker tip where the stock blade could not trim a 9mm tip. The collets seem to dent the shaft still so I'll need to work on that and I have mocked up a...
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    STL File: Willard 11mm Collet

    Thanks for the feedback Renegade56, I've chosen 96 sides instead of 24 in sketchup and this time it turned out better. Poor first mockup - didn't work that well since snooker cues taper aggressively, next time I'll try a 10 mm- 14mm end. On a brighter note, this mockup of a snooker tip...
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    STL File: Willard 11mm Collet

    for 3D-printing
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    Predator vantage shafts

    I am not infallible.
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    Does a Pred P3 & Roadline use the same shaft?

    I'm not sure if you are joking. These are production cues we are talking about.
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    Predator vantage shafts

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    Predator vantage shafts

    Bet? 10char
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    Predator vantage shafts

    They are 3C shafts that will be released with Predator's new CRM carom cues.
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    Gold Mine Filled By Predator

    Isn't it a 3C shaft? I wonder if it's a re-release of
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    ***FS: (2) 30" OB classic shafts - Radial***

    Isn't the warranty void on the top shaft because the carbon fiber pad is missing?
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    FREE CHALK - Who wants some ??

    :grin-square: cube
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    Etiquette Question: Chalking at end of inning

    I received an earful from Paul Potier once for chalking at the end of my inning...
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    TNT Max Pro cue tip. Free sample to the first 50 PM's

    Will try if there are any still available
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    Josh Roberts vs. Joey Gray.

    very tough choice for Joey...
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    Josh Roberts vs. Joey Gray.

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    Josh Roberts vs. Joey Gray.

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    Josh Roberts vs. Joey Gray.

    6-6 Roberts with 6 balls and one hanging in the pocket, Gray with -1 and at the table
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    First $315 paypal as gift...Get this cue!

    Can you post pictures of the points, I'm interesting in the alignment of them