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  1. RUMMY

    For sale two Diamond Rosewood Pro Am 9 foot tables with lights

    PM me with info on lights
  2. RUMMY

    Brunswick Gold Crown 1 for sale Central NY

  3. RUMMY

    Maybe the nicest 9’ Gold Crown available

    Mid Dec availability means you ordered a new table?
  4. RUMMY

    Cloth installation Question

    It’s a shame that you go out of your way to get simonis and then the installer gives you that. Here is one I did in black to add some depth to the pocket per customer request.
  5. RUMMY

    New felt job

    The rail cloth was pulled directly under the point where it was secured to the rail, causing the cushions to be compressed at those points. The cushions are now already under compression at those points and not under compression at the places between staples. As a player, doesn’t one look for...
  6. RUMMY

    WTB: Diamond Light

    Hello all! I am looking for a diamond light for my 9 foot table. I don’t mind if it is the old version with (4) 8’ fluorescent bulbs. Also, color does not matter either. I am located in Northern NJ. I’m willing to travel within reason. Let me know what’s out there!
  7. RUMMY

    Brunswick Gold Crown 1 Corner Castings

    Give Ken Hash with Classic Billiards a call
  8. RUMMY

    ISO thicker cue

    Im looking for a thicker cue butt. I have a Predator Mosconi 526-1 with Revo 12.4 at the moment and I will trade that for something. Im looking for something that measures atleast 1 1/4" at bottom of grip.
  9. RUMMY

    Gold Crown

    where are you located?
  10. RUMMY

    FS / FT Mosconi 526-1 & Revo

    I have a mint condition Predator 526-1 with Revo 12.4. Shaft has a Kamui Clear Tan (Med.) tip. Radial pin, comes with all wipes and JPs. $1200 or trade for the right cue, willing to sell butt only as well. I’m looking for a cue that has a thicker butt. The predator is near 1.15in at grip...
  11. RUMMY

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3

    Phillipsburg, NJ
  12. RUMMY

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3, disassembled and ready for pickup in Phillipsburg, NJ. 9ft, Brunswick Superspeed Cushions. Slates are in good shape, castings you will want to refinish before install. Delivery and install options available within the area. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  13. RUMMY

    Raschig / Centennial balls

    No boxes included, thanks.
  14. RUMMY

    Raschig / Centennial balls

    (2) sets of Centennials at $100 a piece. Centennial balls are quite used, good practice sets with some dings/scratches. PM me any offers, Venmo or PayPall, shipping with be USPS priority
  15. RUMMY

    Mint Brunswick Centurion $1500

    Brunswick Centurion, mint condition 9ft. Lightly used, selling for $1500 and I’ll throw in a new set of Aramith balls. Located in Warren County, NJ.
  16. RUMMY

    I need a case!

    Currently, I have a 2x2 Action case. It did the job and I didn't have an interest in cases at the time. Now my situation has changed, being that I need to store a jump cue as well. I would like a leather case however I cant spend the $1000 on a Whitten. Is there a case out there 3-400ish...
  17. RUMMY

    Revo 12.9 3/8 x 10

    Direct from predator
  18. RUMMY

    Revo 12.9 3/8 x 10

    Very lightly used, mint condition. 12.9 revo 3/8 x 10 thread, comes with sleeve and wipes. Getting rid of it because I like my 12.4 more. $450 shipped, PayPal or Venmo.
  19. RUMMY

    Gandy Repair

    All good ideas, but I didn’t want to go with just an adhesive due to the particle board like material that Gandy uses. Insert would be good for concealment but again, I feel the particles board would separate over time
  20. RUMMY

    Gandy Repair

    Picked this thing up for free. The owner was moving the rails as a single unit and his help was carrying it by the skirts, yielding this result. I resold the table the next day and used some carriage bolts to refasten the brackets on the skirts. I think I hit my goal of attempting a factory-like...