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    What do you think the best shotmakers have in common?

    Obviously they've spent countless hours in the AZB Aiming Forum. ;)
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Thath OK. It thailed right patht me the firtht time altho.
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    How do you handle light sharking?

    Lol. I've never heard it put like that, but yeah I guess so.
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    How do you handle light sharking?

    Same for me 99% of the time. The other 1% I may say something but more likely I will just bear down harder.
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    How do you handle light sharking?

    Please don't take this wrong, but it appears to me that you may be sharking yourself more than your opponent is. I'm not defending your opponent in this instance - incessant talking and movement in a tournament setting is clearly not good etiquette. However, poor etiquette doesn't always mean...
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    APA Question spin off.

    Maybe it would have helped if one of your team members could have dug around in their bag and given her some sort of gadget or something as a participation award. I used to shoot on a VNEA league that gave small pins for every ERO or 8-on-the-break you had. I used to keep some in my bag and was...
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    Help Identifying this custom built Beauty....

    If you left feedback for him on eBay, or he left it for you, you can look back at your feedback history and find his user name. Then just click on his user name and it will take you to a page with info about him. Then click on the link near the upper right corner of the page that says...
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    Who Is Our Real Opponent?

    How about darts? This would be particularly true of the countdown games such as 301 but the tactics in cricket are more or less analogous to safety play in pool.
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    Help Identifying this custom built Beauty....

    If you remember who it was that you did the deal with, why not just get in touch with him and ask? :)
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    Giveaway Signs of Beginner / Recreational Players

    How about the guy that chalks by standing the cue upright on the floor between his feet, holding the cube against the tip, then spinning the cue by rubbing the side of his shoe back and forth against the butt kind of like starting a fire with a bow-drill technique?
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    Giveaway Signs of Beginner / Recreational Players

    Racking for 8-ball with the 8 sitting on top of the back two rows of balls as they tighten the rack, then using their forefingers to flick the 8 into the gap in the center of the rack to make sure everything is as tight as can be.
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    Unusual/weird/unique billiard tools and implements

    Jerry Briesath had one of those back in the early 80s that he would use occasionally to demonstrate to a student that it was their stroke that was causing misses more than their aiming.
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    Cloth color

    For playing, if limited to the colors the OP mentioned I prefer tournament blue. For watching on video I prefer the gray.
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    The other cue in The Color Of Money

    Back in 1979 I worked at a Cue-Nique Billiards in Madison, WI. I also shot a lot of pool at a community center pool room a few blocks away. One day a young guy who had been coming into the community center for a couple months came with a brand new 3-point Viking cue he had just bought from...
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    Battle of the Bull Roanoke VA Drama

    To the OP: You started a rumor-spreading gossip thread, then have the nerve to talk about those in the pool world eating their own? You also complain about people in the pool community sweeping things under the rug. I think you need to think about the difference between sweeping something...
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    Premium Chalks – Are They Worth It?

    Dave, your skid testing gives me an idea for further exploration. If chalk at the point of contact can cause skid, can generally dirty balls cause it as well regardless of chalk spots? I would love to see a test of the frequency of skids using dirty balls compared to the frequency after those...
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    Re-Tip Yourself or Send Out? Tip Recommendations?

    I have retipped my own cues in the past with excellent results, and in a pinch I would do it again. However, because I am careful and fussy it takes me about an hour to do one. There are at least two places within 10 minutes of me that will do it on a lathe for $15 with a Triangle tip (my...
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    Cost of Tip Replacement

    I think is is like most other aspects of work and trade nowadays - not so much lack of skill, but rather the lack of a decent work ethic. My observation is that there have always been craftsmen and hacks in every area of the working world. The craftsman takes interest in his job and its...
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    My first cue and case

    My first cue, a $90 Viking, got broken by a drunk in a bar in 1979. My second one, a McDermott D-21 I believe, fell off my motorcycle when a bungee cord broke somewhere between Minneapolis and Milwaukee in 1996. I still have pretty much every other one I ever bought except a Pechauer that I...
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    Pool Table on Wheels/Casters

    What about going with the single room option as in the top photo, but mount the video monitor on a swing-down mount above the pool table? When the table is in use the screen is horizontal (with LED table lighting mounted on the back of the screen). When it's time to watch a movie, just rotate...