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    Can anyone recommend a decent hotel in the Virginia Beach area for the upcoming 14.1 Championships

    I'm also looking to attend. Does single-elimination play start on Thursday, October 27? What's the start time each of those days, 11am? How many matches are left for the final Saturday? Two semis and the final? Are the semis played one after the other, or at the same time? Thank you and thanks...
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    I keep hoping JohnnyFiveEyesFromOz will get the CNN gig.
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    Is it time?

    Keep it NPR, but just give it a new name, like "Neocons Posting Relentlessly". :)
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    USTA (tennis org) Lifts Ban on Russians and Belarusians. WPA (pool org) should also!

    No, but I do know the OSCE's stat on LDNR civilians killed by the AFU over the past 8 years: 14,000 dead. OSCE also has the stats on increased shelling by AFU prior to Feb 24. RF had no choice but to put an end to that.
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    Jayson Shaw's 714 becomes 669?

    Can you spare a paperclip, mate?
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    Do you have a "learning style"? Maybe not

    Can't tell for sure, but it looks like the same set of items were again presented with words & pictures. If that's the case, it would of course be "easier" the second time through, no?
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    Dr Dave, especially just for you, but we can all enjoy :)

    Matchroom needs to contact this guy. With Matchroom's savvy and this guy's code, they can change how pool is broadcast.
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    power draw

    I was dumbfounded the first time I noticed Neil and Judd doing this -- pulling up slightly with the shooting hand, flexing the cue against the chest and down onto the bridge hand. The stroke doesn't just look like they hit it hard -- it looks spring-loaded, unleashed, all the while maintaining...
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    race to 1000

    That he is! Great player and champion.
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    Corey Deuel plays Russian pyramid (with commentary)!

    Enjoyed it! Thanks for posting.
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    Just started a YouTube channel about Russian pyramid with English commentary!

    Very cool. Thanks for posting! I like the music in these intro/demonstration videos. The volume matches the force with which the ball is struck! A match, of course, would be different, where you'd just have the match audio and your commentary. I'm a geezer myself, but as they say, if it's too...
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    1 and 15 in the side 8 ball

    Yes. It's called "One Fifteen" and it's beyond boring. My condolences. I, too, was exposed to it at a senior center. Run away.
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    Any recommendations for instructors in South Florida?

    Repeat this as often as your desire, time, and resources allow -- especially with your coach located so conveniently to you. As a beginner, you'll be much, much better off with six 2-hour lessons over twelve weeks than trying to cram it all into one or two intensive days. You are in an...
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    This thread gets bumped at a dazzling frequency.
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    A very clean 147 at snooker

    Great. Thank you. I've been watching a lot of Kyren on youtube lately to focus on how a taller player addresses the ball. Barry also mentions KW does yoga to keep his shoulders flexible. Great player -- and as you mentioned, excellent with the "rest"!
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    A very clean 147 at snooker

    Anybody know how tall Kyren Wilson is? Among the top players, it looks like he's maybe the tallest -- interesting implications for his stance.
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    Johan Ruijsink stroke theory

    Yes, it's interesting to see pool players put the chin on the cue and pendulum stroke, invariably leading to head movement.
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    Johan Ruijsink stroke theory

    Snooker players have that shoulder lower, closer to the level of the cue than pool players, no? Maybe the pendulum shoulder might be raised somewhat in the diagram.