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  1. HueblerHustler7

    Rhino CF shafts....159bux, free ship

    Fantastic post I love good reads about experiments and tweaking what's already good to make a bit better, or at least personal preference mods for ones personal game. I myself have been fiddling with T type or " Vault plate" T setups on cynergy's, Revo's, and now my becue for the past couple...
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    Anyone Use A Rhino Carbon Fiber Shaft?

    Great review, I decided to make the jump on a Raven cues 11.8mm carbon at the same price point of the Rhino $199.00. They look extremely well made and are out of California. I will also be doing a review but of course it will be on the Raven! I'm hoping some ones checks out the Kamikaze 11.8...
  3. HueblerHustler7

    Anyone Use A Rhino Carbon Fiber Shaft?

    I hear they are decent shafts! With a nice long taper. I may be making the jump on a 11.8 soon! Price is good, joint options are good, and MM options are fantastic, 3.7oz-4.0oz. I was just told when I order Ill just have to specify id like a 3.7 or 3.8! I am picky on my weight and balance...
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    which are the latest most popular cue tips?

    Check out the How hard!, Zan mediums are great, But I am currently hooked on the SIB Cool blue Medium, but may be trying the hard one day. I haven't put a Kamui on one of my cues in ages the black's are glazing junk in my opinion, only ones I semi trusted was the original soft or medium.
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    I have some of the black ones and brown.
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    What Is Up With Master Chalk?

    This how you know you don't just play pool, your a pool player. No biggie, embrace the blue! That or get some taom V10 and forget about stained hands, cue, and table ever again.
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    Tip-Tapper Tool Discussion

    Last forever tip tool is my go too, should have bought one a very long time ago
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    ld wood shaft opinions

    people still do it, don't ask don't tell ;)
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    Newbie and nerves

    Try to breath, and try and concentrate on playing the table not your opponent, when its your turn remember to do what you do best and use your skill. Remember your the only one on that table when it's your turn so make it your mind set, " It's me against the table what's the best run out or...
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    Balance point

    This even more or less, but I agree within these areas are my favorite, I am also only 5'10" and like gripping towards the back of the cue, the stroke feels nice and fluid with these balance points and around 19-20oz cues. To each is their own.
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    Do you have a pool crush?

    I have a crush on Shane van Bone me..... No in all honesty the only crush I need is the orange crush from him and he would still win... Just having fun with the topic move along lol
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    Revo 2

    Yea I had two 11.8's mic up at 11.98 lol They will prolly just re label the 12.9 a 12.75 and get away with it lol
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    Triumph Cue Tips

    Just tried these out for the first time, feel pretty soft, and they area bit short :( kept the pad and installed a triangle back on my cue.
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    I agree with this method, microfiber cloths pick up a ton, and thats basically what the x cleaner is except with a handle, smaller surface area, and more expensive lol. Small hand held vacuum cleaner and I have the actual pool table lint roller named Cue candy felt saver. I also do this all on...
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    Playing characteristics of shaft wood

    I play with carbon, but part of the beauty I think of wood is each piece will have its own characteristic's. Two piece's can come from the same tree, have the same taper, same ferrule, same tip, same diameter but can have different weight, density, balance point and hit. Some people like that...
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    Mezz cues are the tits, even if you get one of their shafts to try out they are the tits! Just gotta make the jump and spend the money to find out what feels good to you. I have had one Carolina custom it was beautiful but I did not like the feel of the cue what so ever, it was a solid ivory...
  17. HueblerHustler7

    Sold 30” Becue Engage 12.3 and 11.8 3/8x10

    These shafts play amazing! GLWS!
  18. HueblerHustler7

    See if anyone can identify this cue?

    Reminds me of an old Brunswick house cue as well, Thats my vote. Would make one hell of a player if it's straight, even as a conversion cue depending on the weight and straightness.
  19. HueblerHustler7

    Best Tip on the Market - soft to medium

    No problem, I have a feeling you will dig them!
  20. HueblerHustler7

    Best Tip on the Market - soft to medium

    I would consider the S a medium soft and it breaks in nicely.