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    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    He is trying way too hard.
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    Custom cues on layaway?

    Integrity Cues offers a few options I think.
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    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    You can do whatever you please, including being a rude child like normal.
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    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    You are really annoying me.
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    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    Your beeswax sucks too.
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    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    Then don’t. And mind your own beeswax.
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    Who is the true 'scorpian'?

    Maybe she is at buffalos!
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    Dual stage tournaments are superior to true double elimination

    It’s hard to start at 9am when the Calcutta takes 3 hours!! 🤪
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    Premium Chalks – Are They Worth It?

    I just played my first session with fancy chalk and I am pretty impressed. Hardly had to chalk up and the tip really grabbed the cue ball nicely. In general, I am slow to new technology. But I’ve recently bought a case, jump cue, and carbon fiber playing shaft. And now the fancy chalk. I feel...
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    Did the cue market fall apart?

    Buy my Jacoby jump/break. I am getting torched betting the NFL this year. Selling it cheap!! 🤣
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    Jacoby Jump/break

    Price drop. $450 shipped. Wouldn’t mind getting this sold before the weekend so I can dump more money betting football!!! Tis the season!
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    Jacoby Jump/break

    Jacoby Blackout Jump/Break It’s in perfect condition. I’ve had it about a month. Just not for me. SOLD Thanks for looking
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    Fedor Mosconi cup

    If I was Fedor, I’d want nothing to do with the Mosconi Cup. Why would he want to be in the middle of all that drama and controversy?
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    7 ball

    :love: Sound wisdom. :LOL:
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    Anything out there? Thanks!
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    You too can own Paul Newman's Balabushka...

    Brutal. That might be the cheapest I’ve seen a Bushka go for!
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    Old School Predator Care Package

    I think I need a new fishing rod so selling this ol’ girl Predator Sneaky Pete with steel uniloc joint—— SOLD The cue has been well travelled and shows the character of its use. It’s got some battle wounds from along the way. Nothing that interferes with play. Predator BK2 shaft /samsara tip-...
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    why do some pros fly to England for the tournament, when they have a small chance of winning?

    Tell me you have no heart without telling me you have no heart!!! 😉