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  1. fattirewilly

    Pool Table on Wheels/Casters

    I like the previously suggested platform. But you'd want a bigger screen on the far wall. You could use a projector instead and the screen could roll up to the ceiling above the table. With a ceiling mounted screen, you might not need a platform under the seating.
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    *** Revo 12.4 ***

    No Paypal??
  3. fattirewilly

    Sold Schon cue 90's

    OP, I think you're legit and have just timed your multiple offerings poorly, due to this recent high number of scammers.
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    Bumping back to top, USMC-311 is fishy too.
  5. fattirewilly

    Sold Schon cue 90's

    Can I see a pic of the tip, and throw 37 cents next to it just to show you actually have this cue.
  6. fattirewilly

    Sold Rick Howard 31" Butt

    Sold so soon? I was so looking forward to additional pics.
  7. fattirewilly

    Sold Rick Howard 31" Butt

    Careful folks, this is the old seller's photos.... OP, how about a new photo with 33 cents laying next to the cue and the 11 ball off your Goldcrown in the basement? BTW, I'm a buyer of this length cue and...
  8. fattirewilly

    Sold 2222 cases Hustler 1x2 ( ready to ship)

    I also have had a good experience with Dinko making a custom case.
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    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    I read the whole thread over a few days and I think this one (posted p. 13 in 2012) might be my favorite.
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    Break Cue queries

    I have a Purple Heart Schmelke 23 with a hard tip and second maple shaft Phenolic tip. The hard tip/purple heart feels good for maybe 5-10% over my house 21. The Phenolic tip definitely adds another couple %. I'm not a fast twitcher muscle type, never great at sprints. So I went heavy instead...
  11. fattirewilly

    60" Annie O cue - $750

    Straight, together and apart?
  12. fattirewilly

    Can I see your pool table lights?

    Craigs List find. These were the racks from the Triple pool hall in Richmond.
  13. fattirewilly

    Looking for a simile

    Great first post! To the OP, pocketing a few balls is like staying upright on a bicycle after just learning how to ride. Then you might move to what braking combination is right for what topography and what gear is right when, which is like looking for the next "leave" but then missing the shot...
  14. fattirewilly

    Floor covering for basement

    "Looking for some ideas for a basement floor in my new (to me) house. I have a walkout basement that if I want to avoid messing with repositioning the outer doors has a hard limit of 2” exactly for the entire flooring system I could install. Complicating things even further, there is a wood...
  15. fattirewilly

    Cue Shaft Wax - Will good old car wax work

    What about outside the grip area on the cue butt? Or the grip if it's an unwrapped house cue? Just picked up some of the Rennaissance Wax and wondering how far to go with it.
  16. fattirewilly

    Cue Shaft Wax - Will good old car wax work

    Question, are you all limiting the wax application to just the cue shaft or also applying to the butt of the cue as well? Except for leather or linen grips obviously.
  17. fattirewilly

    Longer cues

    I'm 6'4 and have been trying 60 and 61" cues for a year now and I'm happy with the experiment. At least it's making me play more. I'm keeping an eye out for 62"-64" cues. A non-comprehensive list of things that get bigger/taller for taller people: recliners, bicycles, golf clubs, field hockey...
  18. fattirewilly

    Sold Joe Porper 2B2S Pool Cue Case for Sale

    Gone, gone, gone and thanks.
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    Article: What we need is a posh billiards parlour.

    Is quoting a monthly rent per square foot on commercial space a California thing? On the East Coast we'd say it's $36/SF with the annual being implied. This part not directed at FB, I'm guessing some of the $80k plus folk playing pool have put in home tables and with Covid aren't really...
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    Got my table in the house today.

    $1000 just to level? Is that "off" to anyone else? It's been 20 years but I paid $300 to have a 9-foot, 3-piece slate Brunswick, with returns; disassembled, moved 40 miles, leveled, and reassembled with new cloth.