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    Garten Bierbower

    Man that is very nice! I love that design, it is very old school. It looks like it has a great piece of Birdseye in the forearm. Beautiful cue sir!
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    Blues & Browns

    Murrell Good afternoon Bob! I just wanted to chime in & let you know that I still have "our" Murrell that you listed there. I love that cue & it get compliments when ever I pull it out of the case. You sir have excellent taste in cues! I thank you again for allowing me to add that one to my...
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    Please return the Tascarella

    Tasc I hardly ever post on here anymore, but I do get on & check things out. I had to log on & say that I can not believe that a gentleman has to offer a reward for someone to do the right thing! An honest mistake was made & it is easily correct with the reward being that the person that...
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    Ebony and tulipwood stunner finally arrives

    Pierce cue That turned out great! I bought your Burl Pierce cue & I love it! I hope you enjoy it, it looks fantastic! Take care, Rick
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    Sure Man Cues accident

    Hey Don, sorry to hear about your accident. I'm hope you aren't too banged up. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Take care, Rick-ZZ Top
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    Pierce madrone burl 4 pointer. $875

    Pierce cue PM sent on cue
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    Pierce madrone burl 4 pointer. $875

    PM sent on this
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    lets see some murrells ...

    Hey Bob! How are you doing my friend? I still have this cue, & it still looks this good! Thanks again for this one-it's not going anywhere. Take care, Rick
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    Paul Davidson your cue is finished..

    Cue That is a good lookin cue Brother!
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    Brand New Whitten...

    That turned out great Brother! I love the color combination on that one!
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    Sad news about Pdcue

    Dale Pierce I have known Dale for many years. He was a great guy & I enjoyed his stories of the old days. He was a talented cue maker & I still have two of his cues that play great. I will miss playing one pocket with him as he was a smart player & I learned a lot from him. RIP my friend, see...
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    3x6 Whitten case for sale

    I have for sale a like new Whitten tube style case. It is a custom case with gray leather diamonds in the pocket, gray leather bands at the top and bottom of the case, and gray leather on the lid. The case is in brand new condition with no scuffs or scrapes. It was only used for storage.I am...
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    Buffalo Danny DiLiberto a knock out at 83!

    Buffalo Danny DiLiberto I'm glad to see that Danny is still fighting the good fight. He still is as tough as nails!
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    U.S. Open 9-Ball Opinion from Pat Fleming

    US Open What can we say about Mr. Fleming that has not already been said? He has elevated our sport & brought us great matches for years. He is always trying to promote pool & always has the fans interest at heart. We thank you again sir, & wish you continued support in all of your endeavor's!
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    >> FS: Gilbert 4pt/4ven traditional w/ rings <<

    Gilbert Man Sean, I keep coming back to this cue! I bet it plays great! I'm still tryin to move some cues & cases to pick this up
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    >> FS: Gilbert 4pt/4ven traditional w/ rings <<

    Gilbert Hey Sean! That is a good looking Gilbert. I love the way Andy & Vicky's cues play. Sorry we missed ya at the Derby. I may be in touch if I can move something on my end to pick this up. I love the Birdseye in the forearm! Take care, Rick
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    New "Pawn Shop Nugget"

    Hi Bob, I will try to get some good pictures & post some out here. I am kinda "electronically challeneged" but I will see what I can do. Take care, Rick
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    New "Pawn Shop Nugget"

    Pawn shop pick up Hi Bob, I came in late to the game, but just wanted to say that you have excellent taste in old school traditional style cues. I like everything about it! I hope you & yours have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year my friend. Take care, Rick
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    >>> FS: beautiful 8pt Gilbert, tulipwood, rare treat <<<

    That is very nice Sean! I have 3 of Andy's 8 pointers & I know he did not make many of them. I have never seen one with the double stitch rings either. This is a very unusual cue GLWS
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    My newest pickup. 1990 Pre-Date Jerry Franklin SW.

    New cue Hey Dom! That looks to be in great shape-nice pick up. Take care buddy, Rick