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  1. unknownpro

    Impact of call shot on US Open 10 ball

    The break is not call shot. And if the racks were tapped the 10 would never go straight in on the break.
  2. unknownpro

    I been watching Gunsmoke the past few weeks...(pool related)

    Jim Rockford (leave your name and number and I'll get back to you) opened a chain of poolrooms in Korea when he was in the army. They have several scenes with pool tables. So far, they all suck and were not major plot elements. Ironsides had a whole show about a hustler. They sucked too.
  3. unknownpro

    What causes cue ball to jump/skid?

    In general, imo, a cleaner table and cleaner balls will have more skids because there is less friction between the balls and the cloth so any increase in friction at the contact point will have a more disastrous result. I think the GCIII's had the softer pockets and the IV's are better. But...
  4. unknownpro

    playing against the ghost

    Just don't be afraid to lose. In fact, expect to lose. Most pro matches don't see a 900 accustats which is basicly the minimum required to break even at 9ball ghost. Try and play until you win a set. When I am getting back in stroke after a layoff, I don't count negative numbers.
  5. unknownpro

    playing against the ghost

    The ghost is without doubt the best practice for a rotation game player. Don't worry about safes. Safeties are a last resort. The only way to play dead safe is to run out. The ghost will improve your cueball control and thus improve your safeties. Two short races is nothing and means...
  6. unknownpro

    What causes cue ball to jump/skid?

    The same thing that happens with any other "skid". Some say it is usually a chalk spot. But I think it is most often something from the pockets stuck on a ball. Brunswick had very hard pocket linings, then went to soft, and back to hard I think. The soft ones will leave a residue on the...
  7. unknownpro

    More elbow dropping nonsense

    The only way the still elbow concept could possibly help is to prevent injuries. In general, a longer stroke gives a greater margin for error for speed control, which imo is the limiting factor in pool if you know how to aim. The only way I know of to lengthen a stroke is to drop the elbow. I...
  8. unknownpro

    Shanelle Loraine Pool Commericial & Pic

    TAR match, Shanelle vs Spidey! What aiming system does Shanelle use???
  9. unknownpro

    A Simple Acknowledgment

    Thanks Jay. That's what I was trying to say in the thread bashing Barry. Instead of bashing Barry people should be asking themselves how has he been so successful and how can we duplicate and build upon his success.
  10. unknownpro

    WPBA-WTF does anyone know?

    Is it some kind of secret what it takes to sponsor a classic tour event?
  11. unknownpro

    WPBA-WTF does anyone know?

    Does anyone know the requirements for sponsoring a Classic Tour event?
  12. unknownpro

    Per game price of snooker

    There is still one place at least down south charging by the game and getting most of their business off snooker. But snooker has been in that town for a hundred years. Once it dies out I don't know if it would work. They just raised prices and it's like $2 now, not sure exactly. Most of...
  13. unknownpro

    Table smells like smoke, BIG Time

    I used to have an ozone generator, it would take the smoke smell out of anything. Turns out they are dangerous if you leave them on very long in your house. Some fans have ion generators that might work.
  14. unknownpro

    pro players not paid

    The WPA is extorting money from pool players by asking for sanctioning fees.
  15. unknownpro

    pro players not paid

    A players organization cannot dictate terms to promoters until pool tournaments are a proven money making activity. Until then they must take what they can get... when they can get it. If there were 100 Barry Behrmans running tournaments around the country all year the top professional...
  16. unknownpro

    Timed Match Format

    How are the timed matches going guys? Or are they? Thanks for working on timing formats. I believe keeping the players to a brisk pace of play will be essential for straight pool to have a real comeback in tournament play.
  17. unknownpro

    10-Ball Rules Question

    I think you are confused. The WPA rules (which again are very similar to the PCA rules) will lead to players calling shots they have no intention of pocketing. Where is the penalty for calling a shot that does not go in? The PCA did have called safeties. The point is there is zero incentive...
  18. unknownpro

    What are the max run out for 9ball and 10ball?

    A guy that lived in Greensboro told me Earl used to stay with him and he witnessed a 23 rack 9 ball run in practice at his house.
  19. unknownpro

    10-Ball Rules Question

    Then you shouldn't quote my response to PCA/WPA type rules. Snooker is what we always played as an alternative to two shot push out 9 ball rules because they sucked. I love snooker. But we played it American style - you scratch/foul you lose your entire run. Do you deny that the...
  20. unknownpro

    10-Ball Rules Question

    That's a different set of rules. The WPA rules, which are very similar to that on the PCA tour many years ago, absolutely will force players to call balls they never intended to pocket. If there is no penalty for not pocketing a called ball, but there is a penalty for pocketing a ball that is...