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  1. XmarathonX

    Dr. Dave "day job" pool interview

    That's some nice insight into how you incorporate pool into your teaching. Your students are lucky to have you as a professor. Thanks for all you do to help us laymen understand the game better. :thumbup:
  2. XmarathonX

    What kind of stick is this?

    Wait, there's a pool table in the kitchen?:groucho: . . . . . . . . . Lighten up Francis, it's just a joke.
  3. XmarathonX

    Earl Strickland trickshots at Hartwall Open, Players Billiard Bar Jyväskylä, Finland

    Thanks for posting, I love watching & listening Earl play. I don't care what anyone says, to me he's the greatest pool player ever.
  4. XmarathonX

    The Art of Sharking

    Slug racking is not an art. Do you spit in the chalk as well?
  5. XmarathonX

    House Come the Pros don't use Chalk Holders?

    "Shirley" you jest?
  6. XmarathonX

    Tor Lowry interviews Robert Byrne

    A nice little 20 minute interview with Robert Byrne. I still refer to his books that I bought some 20 years ago, the spines are splitting. :D Truly a treasured advocate, instructor & author. A genuine credit to pool & billiards.
  7. XmarathonX

    Are you worthless without your playing cue ?

    Not at all, I play with just a Players cue & a milk dud. In fact I find that often times I bear down a bit more & play smarter because I don't trust the house cue so much. Because of that lack of trust I tend to spin the ball less & stay pretty much center, draw & follow. Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe I'm...
  8. XmarathonX

    Chalk ahoy!!!!

    I could care less about chalk holders but that shape would have me chasing down a dropped piece of chalk every time. I certainly would hate to drop that down a pocket on a bar box. Yes I am that clumsy at times.
  9. XmarathonX

    Curious why AZ members are too lazy to reply with a "no thanks" on trade deals?

    Make it clear in your trade thread that if you do not have confirmation after a certain amount of days that the trade is null & void & you will offer the trade item(s) to someone else. It lets the people who read your post know what the deal is & keeps you from getting pissed off. :wink:
  10. XmarathonX

    Contact Information For Jim Rempe

    Not stingy at all. If it is worth something to you than it is worth something to him. :wink:
  11. XmarathonX

    The Great Pool Experiment Pool Reality Show.

    Why did Tor stop the Youtube video updates? I appreciate all the written updates you post here but there has not been a new video posted in over a month.
  12. XmarathonX

    do you bring your own rack to the bar when you gamble ?

    You act as though the house equipment only has an effect on you & you only & not your opponent as well. Would you bringing a set of balls that you are familiar with & how they play & not your opponent give you an advantage? I would say yes. All things being equal, let your skill do the talking.
  13. XmarathonX

    My New Cue

    Great cue, I'm glad you finally got it. I hope you continue to play well with it & enjoy it for quite some time. :thumbup:
  14. XmarathonX

    Do You See Top Players With Long Bridge Change it

    I see them change bridge length a lot as you have to during a game. But certain shots absolutely require a long bridge such as the one from Earl in my signature. But for the average player which constitutes most of us you are probably correct as most of us would not attempt the shot that Earl...
  15. XmarathonX

    What actually constitutes a "Double hit" foul.
  16. XmarathonX

    Kamui Chalk Outside For A Year

    Well we already have pre-flag masters, why can't "aged Kamui" be the next thing to get the pool playing inter-webs a flutter? Sounds like it covers & plays like master chalk. What would be a fair asking price for "aged Kamui"? Set a $100.00 reserve on Ebay & watch the chaos ensue. :p
  17. XmarathonX

    Frustrated At Pool

    It's good to see your game came back (which never really left btw). Now you have some new considerations & know how to better cope if you should ever again find yourself in the same predicament. Well done, good luck & many good rolls! :thumbup:
  18. XmarathonX

    Am I the only one that cannot warm up to low deflection shafts?

    I have never played with an LD shaft at all. I played pool extensively through my teens & 20's, stopped altogether in my 30's & now have taken it back up at 41. I'm leaning toward buying a low cost McDermott G-Core taken down to 12.75 or 12.5 mm but I really don't know if I want to try &...
  19. XmarathonX

    Chalking just the outer edges of tip

    I'm at a loss for words so I will simply have to defer to itsfroze should he happen upon this thread.