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  1. The Turk

    Why do pool tables have slate?

    Actually glass does sag over time. It is classified as an aqueous solid. Means very stiff liquid. I own a 102 year old home and was fascinated to see the windows were thicker at the bottom. Glass laid flat will form a miniscus. The thicker the faster.
  2. The Turk

    Your opinions and comments please...

    Mark I sent you a text to keep it off the forum as I have done with all of our business. I always treated you as my friend. Honest and up front. No one swayed me with "LIES" your own words gave you away. You lied to me and stabbed me in the back. I only spoke of certain details with you and it...
  3. The Turk

    Brunswick rails (new sub-rails)

    Jay, Could not agree with you more. As you know my crew had the pleasure of assembling the 12 sets of rails Mark rebuilt for Syracuse. I personally had the opportunity to work with Mark on the second set of six. Mark has a "must do it better" type attitude on every aspect of his work. He is...
  4. The Turk

    I'd like to thank a few other table mechanic's....

    Here are some more pics!!!
  5. The Turk

    Formic on a gold crown 1

    John you just blew up the thread. Who wants to follow that? Great table!
  6. The Turk

    gold crown identification?

    Good post. I sell re-built crowns in the TRI state area. I would recommend locating a reputable mechanic to help in your search. Appearance is deceiving with these tables. These tables have a history of worn or damaged rail components due to improper service. This is hard to see or hear by...
  7. The Turk

    Who decides????

    I though a lot about this thread last night. Man many phone calls and some PM's. I remember a movie quote I feel applies. "People thirst for leadership and in the abscense of true leadership they will drink the sand" " they drink the sand because they don't know any better". Glenn you possess a...
  8. The Turk

    Who decides????

  9. The Turk

    Who decides????

    Are you really going to make me type it again. Ok You pick one line from my post which ever one you can duck. Get it. I could type this reply over and over again. Go back and reply line by line. You will have to lie through your teeth:grin-devilish:to do it. Go ahead I dare you. I have lots of...
  10. The Turk

    Who decides????

    Again Glenn you pick one line from my post and debate and call me a liar. It's the only statement I made that has deniability. The rest you Duck. Say what you want. Believe me anyone who reads this thread front to back will see you. I have accomplished my task. You are exposed. Caught with your...
  11. The Turk

    Who decides????

    I agree with everything you said here. You did serve. I have no doubt you would fight. I have no doubt you are indeed a patriot.
  12. The Turk

    Who decides????

  13. The Turk

    Who decides????

    Not one little line. An omission is a lie. Spend 81 days in Paris Island and tell me its "silly" I am a veteran I did not serve in combat and am aware enough, and respectful enough to make sure I get it right when I talk about my service. Everyone is always special forces or saw combat time...
  14. The Turk

    Who decides????

    This band wagon is WAY bigger than you think. I didn't even start it. I just had enough. I don't make false claims. You have danced around the point several times here and you know it. Yes I was Alive and yes I can read a history book. I also KNOW the difference between Vietnam ERA vet Vietnam...
  15. The Turk

    Who decides????

    Glenn your own face book page says you graduated. so which is it? By the way the date the Vietnam War ended was April 30 1975. Fact!
  16. The Turk

    Who decides????

    New subject? Being a former Marine and remembering a few things from history class, I am curious. Congress prohibited use of American Military after August 15, 1973. That is a fact. Glenn graduated from Kent Merridian highschool in 1974. I am no math genius but, hmmmmmm? This graduation date is...
  17. The Turk

    Who decides????

    Glenn if I remember correctly you are 53. hmmmm?
  18. The Turk

    Narrow room

  19. The Turk

    Who decides????

    IT says "talk to a mechanic" you INSTALLER!!!!!