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  1. NicKen

    Sold 1994 cue posters w/cost sheets

    I will take them. PM sent
  2. NicKen

    Sold Tad Custom Cues Case

    I'll take.
  3. NicKen

    Sold 2222 Hustler case 2x2

    PM Sent
  4. NicKen

    If you have any Dave Tice or Tad cues I would be interested. Michael -

    If you have any Dave Tice or Tad cues I would be interested. Michael -
  5. NicKen

    Wanted Cue Case Sleeve/outer cover

    Hello, Looking for a cue case outer "Sleeve" that will fit a 2x4 case. Want nice cloth sleeve like comes with the higher end cue case like Jack Justis or the GTF Please Pm me if you have one you will sell.
  6. NicKen

    3 Dennis Swift Cases

    PM Sent
  7. NicKen

    Sold Legends of Billiards by George Fels

    I will take. Pm sent
  8. NicKen

    More cool posters

    PM sent Take the last two of list
  9. NicKen

    Hello, I live in the Seattle area and very interested in your Cue. Love that it is from Tacoma...

    Hello, I live in the Seattle area and very interested in your Cue. Love that it is from Tacoma and has been in the Puget sound area all this time. My wife worked with a Michaels (last name), maybe your related. Thanks My Cell is 206-226-0994 Michael McDermott
  10. NicKen

    Sold Loaded Dennis Swift case, beautiful!

    If still available I will take it.
  11. NicKen

    Evil Pool Cue Movie / TV Show

    Friday the 13th the Series (tv) Episode 22 - 2nd season - Wedding Bell Blues Really good episode.
  12. NicKen

    McKernan Cue Cases Galore

    Here is most of my McKernan collection. Taken many years to collect these and I live in the Seattle area. The Leather case embossed was his personal case. Most cases were sold at the Old 211 Club in Seattle, also Pat would run ads in the National billiard magazines. When requested he would...
  13. NicKen

    Historic Cues. Do you have any?

    Here is some History --- 3 greats --- Mosconi, Szamboti & Palmer Cues. Palmer Cue with Szamboti forearm ordered by Willie Mosconi from Palmer. Mosconi would get these cues from Palmer and give them out when he did exhibitions. In the mid 70's he was in Seattle doing exhibition and gave this...
  14. NicKen

    Gilbert Nautical Titlist

    Bump after a long time
  15. NicKen

    >>>> Show us your Fellini Cases <<<<

    Here are a couple from in the back of the closet. Black one bought from original owner here in Seattle holds one of the nicest Roger Pettit cues he has made. Diamond back holds first snake wood tascarella cue made. Great Cases for great cues.
  16. NicKen

    Eddie Robin book.

    I will take the book if you still have it.
  17. NicKen

    Wanted - "Bet High Kiss Low"

    Looking for a very good to fine copy of Gradys Book. Loaned mine out awile ago and it dosn't look like it is coming back. See one just sold a week or so back but I missed it. Let me know if you have one and what you want $$$$. Thank you
  18. NicKen

    I would love to see some roger petitt cues

    One of my all time favorite Roger Cues Got it new then sold then chased for a few years and finaly got back, Wont be going anywhere ever again. Everything white is Ivory. Great ring work........not as great as SantaMaria's rings in his 211 Cue......but close. Just another great cue from...
  19. NicKen

    Gilbert Nautical Titlist

    Santamaria.......That would be Me. Gilbert Just not fitting in with the Pettit's and Tasc's
  20. NicKen

    Lessons in Las Vegas??

    Thanks for the info.