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    chuck starkey wenge and curly wood pin cue

    I bought 2 of chuck's cues one from chuck one on the secondary market .the other new on from chuck . He is great to deal with . And he builds a fantastic hitting cue ! If this on is still available I'll take it .let me know
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    4 Schons for sale.

    A lot of cue for the money good luck with your sail .!
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    4 Runde Custom cues for sale.

    Great lookin cues ! Do you have any extra shafts for the one on the left?
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    Brand New Jeff Olney BEM PJ!!!

    Can I have 6,10,12 please.
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    Meucci Lock and Key cue for sale.

    Nice Meucci. Is it a pre-red dot ?
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    going crazy...

    Ya. I see it to!! ;)
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    My new R12

    Very nice. Seen this one in person, It fantastic. Love the case, thanks my friend. :thumbup:
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    High end Paul Mottey for sale. Very Nice!!!!!

    Love the purple heart! Great cue.
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    My new Schon is finished

    GREAT looken cue kid cant wait to see it in person!!!!!:cool:
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    LD shafts for sale. OB, I3, and Predator.

    Bump for a great seller. Good luck.
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    Schon Elite Raffle $30

    I will take .numbers 3,6,38,56 THANKS>>
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    My new Schon

    Bump for some great looken cues.:cool:
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    2 New Cam Custom Cues For Sale !LOOK!

    More Great work . good luck .:grin-square:
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    Circa-1930 Darted Ivorylene Balls

    You have some nice old balls there .:cool:
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    My new Schon

    Great looken cues kid, cant wait tio see it finished :cool:
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    Schon,Huebler, Conversion by Cuemaster98, high Value...lost cost cues!!

    thanks for your quick response , forgot to ask about the one second from left. what can you tell me about it ? good luck with future sales . lota nice stuff here.:cool:
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    Super rare Schon S1 for sale.

    Bump for a great cue :grin:
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    Super rare Schon S1 for sale.

    This would make a nice addition to someones collection . dont see any of these around .
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    House Cue Conversion ,Nice Wood, Great player !!!

    Great cue for the money . Your work is always top notch . good luck with the sale .:grin:
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    "Harvey Martin" extremely rare 4 piece ivory handle cue

    Thanks for sharing . what a treat to see.:cool: