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  1. Goriziana


    Great review!! Thank you!
  2. Goriziana


    Look awesome!! Can't wait to get mine!!
  3. Goriziana

    The "Lee Brett Snooker Drill Challenge" for Pool Practice

    Great video! I can't wait to try it! Thank you!
  4. Goriziana

    BECUE videos?

    Hello, I am trying to find some videos of the Becue in action..I could only find a few very short ones online. Thank you, G.
  5. Goriziana


    Hello, Looking for a Becue cue with 5.1 or prime shaft. Thank you. Goriziana
  6. Goriziana

    Pool on TV - ESPN schedule

    Thank you, I will check on-demand
  7. Goriziana

    Pool on TV - ESPN schedule

    Wow! Why is it so hard to actually have some pool on tv?? Crazy..
  8. Goriziana

    Pool on TV - ESPN schedule

    No pool on ESPN2...Is this schedule changed? Thank you G.
  9. Goriziana

    The Derby City Classic One Pocket Event

    Hi Paul, I am interested in playing the bank tournament, How do i sign up for the event? Thank you, D.