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  1. Charles Hartfield

    Ever Gone Up A Tip Size?

    Most of my life I played with a 13 mm solid maple shaft. About 2 years ago I switched to a 11.75 mm low deflection wood shaft. Two months ago, I switched back to the 13 mm solid maple. I don’t think there’s a scientific difference but I have more confidence with the 13 mm and seem to pocket more...
  2. Charles Hartfield

    Stroke Analysis - Doug Quara

    In my opinion, this is great advice.
  3. Charles Hartfield

    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    I believe a well made wood shaft and a well made carbon fiber shaft play equally well. I think the only major difference would be the maintenance. The carbon fiber shaft requires less maintenance.
  4. Charles Hartfield

    Extending wrap

    Yes I should. I just wanted a few opinions on whether it is possible and practical before I contact them.
  5. Charles Hartfield

    Extending wrap

    I would want the entire wrap removed and a new one put on.
  6. Charles Hartfield

    Extending wrap

    Pechauer. I would want the dashed ring /decal? nearest the wrap removed and wrap extended to dashed ring nearest the butt cap.
  7. Charles Hartfield

    Extending wrap

    Is it even possible to extend an Irish linen wrap closer to the butt cap? If so, would a company like Pechauer be capable of doing it?
  8. Charles Hartfield

    Las Vegas Open 10-ball

    I totally agree with you. I didn’t expect Trump to play flawless patterns but I did expect him to pot everything and he simply didn’t.
  9. Charles Hartfield


    To those who have had success at 14.1, which of the two options below is the better way to practice in your opinion? -Try for a high run and rerack after every miss -Continue playing after a miss with no rerack
  10. Charles Hartfield


    Great thread topic hang-the-9! I don’t know if these would be booed in a pool hall but here are a few of mine. Tournaments without shot clocks. Announcers who try to guess what shot the player is going to play. Players who slam down their cues or sulk in their chair when things aren’t...
  11. Charles Hartfield

    Hypothetical shaft question

    You are correct when you say best feedback. I realize a perfectly center hit will be the same with both shafts. I also realize the low deflection shaft will hit a little straighter than the solid maple on hits off vertical center. What I’m wondering is if a slightly off center hit to the left or...
  12. Charles Hartfield

    Hypothetical shaft question

    Would a solid maple shaft be a better gauge for a straight stroke/accurate tip placement when practicing a center ball hit instead of a low deflection shaft?
  13. Charles Hartfield

    shaft diameter

  14. Charles Hartfield

    Got my game room finished and my table installed

    Awesome! Congrats sir!
  15. Charles Hartfield

    How to smooth shaft.

    I have four one piece house cues that are not smooth anymore on the shaft portion. I tried the product below several times with no difference. I don’t have a lathe or know any cue makers in my area. Do you have any product/products you recommend to smooth the shaft portion with? Thank you. Charles
  16. Charles Hartfield


    I’m trying to learn how to jump and noticed I’m leaving burn marks where the cue ball was after each shot. Is this common or am I hitting the shot incorrectly? I don’t think the tip is hitting the cloth but the friction from the cue ball. I also noticed lighter burn marks where the cue ball...
  17. Charles Hartfield

    JJ and SVB

    Is it just me or does JJ have a bromance with SVB? I have watched a few of SVB’s matches that JJ did commentary on over the last few years and it seems like JJ thinks SVB can do no wrong. I understand him pulling for SVB because he is American but it seems a little over the top at times. I do...