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    Sold ~~~New Predator REVO Radial 12.4 FS~~~

    revo shaft yes I'm interested send me an email as to where to send money
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    predator 314

    Hi I just received a predator 314 Pre cat shaft from a friend that has badly delaminated is there any possible fix for this the guy has basically written it off so we're open to try anything
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    3/8 x 10 taps

    i have a couple of g10 pins but if you look at the atlas web site you'll see what i mean
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    3/8 x 10 taps

    i am looking to make a couple of sneakey petes 3/8 x 10 was looking for tap on atlas site and noticed they had a few different ones witch would be the best for the job of tapping the but to install a pin and tapping the shaft for a wood to wood joint
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    posting problems

    I'm having problems posting a reply on the wanted for sale section it says that I do not have permission to access this posting or that I've been blocked by administrator ??????
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    LTT Mike Lambros ebony beauty

    what would you be willing to sell this one for ????
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    Universal Tip Centralizer

    sorry i missed your last batch but if you could let me know when you have some more i'd like to order one:D:D:D
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    America will win the Mosconi Cup this year

    Mosconi Madness Yah although the score was 11-2 there were a couple of close matches that made for some intense excitement that if some how the team america could of won well you never know all in all it was a great tournament just wished there was some shirts for sell and maybe they didn't...
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    Universal Tip Centralizer

    Any left and if so how do I order
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    DVD Secret Art Of Pool $30 special or 2 for $50

    secret art of pool dvd PM sent thaks
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    Falcon Nick Varner BEM Plain Jane

    How does it roll ? together and apart
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    G2 Cue Tips

    g2 tips please send me a pm I,ve herd nothing but good things about these tips and would like to be able to offer them to my clients
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    Original Replacement nibs for Gold crown 1 racks

    whats is it that you are selling the pictures shows a lot of stuff I'm definetly intrested in the replacement nibs for the cue racks
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    FS: Unique Cue Cases from Castillo Leather Goods

    sweet cases just picked up a 3x6 from him at the bca tourney in vegas.I'ts black with monitor lizard on the pockets when i tell you this thing is sweet i'm not kidding, wish i could post pics but am lacking the expertise with these matters maybe one day i'll figure out how to post pics but...
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    moori v tips

    ya i know what you mean installed one other and no problems my first time that i've seen a delamination as well took some pictures of it will try to post in the future wierd
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    moori v tips

    installed new moori v five layered tip on friends cue about a month ago and the other day it seperated between the 2nd and 3rd layers i mean it just sheared clean right off . anyone else had a problem with theses new tips:frown:
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    Aramith cue tips

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried these tips yet ????
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    Tip trimming

    be careful it takes some getting use to i sugest you have some kind of pin rest that you can lay your knive on like the video without this rest the blade could jump and catch the ferrule or even the tip remeber practice makes perfect try doing some house cues first
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    thanks those are some great thoughts :thumbup: