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  1. sniper

    2007 Canadian Championships: List of players

    Congratulations to my fellow Calgarian Edwin Montal! Edwin is a class act on and off the table and one hell of a guy to top things off so I couldn't be happier to see it happen to anyone else;)
  2. sniper

    2007 Canadian Championships: List of players

    I'll pick Tyler to win the open division, although there are so many good players I wouldn't be surprised to see alot of faces in the winners circle.
  3. sniper

    Who is your pick to win the Turning Stone Classic IX 9-Ball Open?

    So many good players to choose from, my pick would have to be Feijen given his recent form but there are a couple dozen others that could easily find their way into the winners circle.
  4. sniper

    Evgeny Stalev

    He breaks REAL hard and likes to gamble, I wouldn't be surprised to see him at the upcoming US Open.
  5. sniper

    Yang as Player of the Year

    Yang may just be the best nine ball player on the planet at the moment. He may be lacking the major title that would garner him more recognition but his ability is undeniable. Definitely has to be considered one of the favorites to win the upcoming WPC.
  6. sniper

    Why don't Pro Players have jobs?

    FWIW Luc Salvas owns a couple of very successful rooms in Quebec which help him attend all the major tournaments despite not being a top player. There are also a handful of players I couldn't begin to name that own rooms as an additional source of income.
  7. sniper

    Tell 'em like it is, Alex!

    I couldn't agree with you more on this one JAM. It really sounds like the BSCP is just trying to save face, and doing a poor job of it on top of things. I can't imagine the financial hit Alex took on this one, it's not like pool players have alot of money in the first place:(
  8. sniper

    Congrats to AZ

    Over the years I've frequented pretty much all of the major pool forums out there and the only one that I've consistently posted on (daily) for the last five years has been AZ. It is simply the best there is out there, Mike H. has done a wonderful job creating the best pool forum on the...
  9. sniper

    Tell 'em like it is, Alex!

    It's hard to say alot on this issue with the limited details that are known. But for the moment I would have to side with Alex all the way simply because of the sacrifices he has made in the past for the BSCP. Keep in mind Alex doesn't travel from the Philippines to these events like many of...
  10. sniper

    World Pool Championships - 2007

    Damn I wished I was going over there! Oh well, if Jay provides us with reports that are anything like last year I should have a pretty good idea what's going;)
  11. sniper

    world straight pool semi finals UPDATE

    Thanks for the updates Randy, I know very little about these two players but they can obviously play some serious straight pool. I can't wait for Ortmann vs Harriman, it should be a fantastic match!
  12. sniper

    14.1 Last 32

    Give em hell Craig! I'm surprised they didn't post the draw for the L32 here on AZ:confused:
  13. sniper

    I moved to Pool Heaven

    Glad to hear your happy with your move Voodoo, the change in climate might not be so great but what's it matter when your on the green felt most of the time anyway;)
  14. sniper

    wishing the best for Jay Helfert in the .....

    Poker can really be a brutal game can't it Jay? I'll never forget the time I was knocked out of a tournament ten minutes in when I picked up KK and the player to my left picked up AA. You sound like a very strong player so don't get too down on yourself, there was nothing you could do in...
  15. sniper

    SJM at the Wrold Straight Pool Championships

    Thanks for the reports SJM, I can't imagine the feeling you get from playing in a field of the worlds elite. Good luck today it sounds like you have a lot of friends on here rooting for you!
  16. sniper

    Congratulations Pool Sponge!!

    Congratulations Jason! While were on the topic does anyone know where I can find more information on the Canadian 9 Ball Championships? Any info would be much appreciated.
  17. sniper

    On the cover of the Rolling Stone

    Congratulations Linda! The article was a great read.
  18. sniper

    Round Robin Group Pairings for Predator World 14.1 Championship

    In all seriousness Craig, you did happen to draw one of the tougher groups. Not that there is such a thing as an "easy" group in the draw but the four players that advance out of your group will have to earn every bit of it. Good luck today and give em hell!
  19. sniper

    Round Robin Group Pairings for Predator World 14.1 Championship

    Groups two and seven appeared to stand out a bit more than the others, but their all tough with each group having players in it that run hundreds in their sleep.
  20. sniper

    2 weeks to go till OLATHE....

    I would love to see local players Tyler Edey and Edwin Montal play. They are both great bar table players, just look at their results from the national bar table championships, they both also love to gamble and gamble high. But Olathe is an awful long ways away from Calgary so I would be a...