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  1. Boo's Girl

    akaTrigger's videos from BCAPL nationals.

    Videos from Vegas via aka Trigger great stuff... you even have me in one of these and neither one of us knew it.... thanks for your "insider" views of this great event!
  2. Boo's Girl

    Changing the Rules in the Middle of a Tourney..

    Drew, never once did i say the "matches were taking too long", i did say the players exhibited slow play in their previous matches... and i do distinctly remember Kennan using the clock on a couple of matches... remember we were overseeing the matches next to each other most of the tournament...
  3. Boo's Girl

    Changing the Rules in the Middle of a Tourney..

    actually Teddy-boy ... you are...I was not going to jump in since Kennan has been doing such a great job of answering the questions for everyone... however... I was the ref on the JJ/Klatt match that took over 3 hours... and several times I consulted the TD about putting the match on the clock...
  4. Boo's Girl

    Ultimate 10 Ball Challange! $50,000 added 2 Tables being streamed!!! April 22-24 2011

    Thanks for the great post. Ray you did an outstanding job! Hope to see more events streamed like this.... Kristie
  5. Boo's Girl

    Mr. Mark Griffin & Mr. Bill Stork

    Mr. McConnell, Do you love to shoot pool? Does it make you happy?
  6. Boo's Girl

    Mr. Mark Griffin & Mr. Bill Stork

    instead of the BCAPL and MG/BS apologizing to Mr. McConnell for ending his silly diatribe.... how about Mr. McConnell apologizes to the BCAPL for wasting their time "trying to explain" something that is simply put? HMMMMM?
  7. Boo's Girl

    Wondering where the worst refs in the world are? May I present the BCA...

    Thanks for noticing! As the "SHE" in this instance... considering the distance of the jump and the amount of clutter (opponents object balls) and how close to the rail the shooters object ball was.... I felt it was only fair to the shooter for me to make sure that all angles were covered...